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Rude Health Chilled Oat Unsweetened Review

Rude Health Oat Milk Drink OrganicAfter enjoying my first experience of Oat milk courtesy of Oatly’s Skinny, I felt confident enough to try another brand as long as the calories weren’t too high. After checking all the nutrition labels, it seems that Rude Health’s Organic Chilled Oat Drink has the lowest calories – just 35 calories per 100g.

Rude Health’s Oat Drink is a dairy free, organic and gluten free dairy alternative with no added artificial ingredients. It’s available as chilled or long life.

Rude Health Oat Milk Drink Organic

For some reason the long life variety includes sunflower oil as one of its ingredients. This pushes the calories up to 43 calories per 100ml.

After experimenting with Oatly’s drink in my various beverages and finding success with hot chocolate and turmeric lattes and even in regular black tea, I was hopeful this organic Rude Health Oat drink would have similar results.

Rude Health Oat Milk Drink Organic

I first drank it on its own. It seems to have a thinner consistency than Oatly’s and for some reason I didn’t like the taste. Yes, the oat is there, just not to my liking as much.

Rude Health Oat Milk Drink Organic

I next tried heating it for a latte and no success with getting the slightest froth on top. So my oat lattes were just flat. But, after reading the side of the carton, it actually tells you to not heat it as much as regular milk if you want to froth it. So I tried heating it less, and managed to produce a thinnish frothy top.

It tasted ok in a turmeric latte and hot chocolate, but didn’t add anything to it. It wasn’t at all creamy. In my tea, it split, leaving an unappetising looking drink. And the taste was just too insipid for my liking.

I do like Rude Health’s products, but this one wasn’t for me.

Because it’s organic, it doesn’t have any added extras which means it’s not fortified with calcium, B12 or iodine. So if you’re replacing dairy milk with plant based milks, keep this in mind. Non organic versions of plant based milks do fortify with calcium, Vitamin B12 and iodine to the same levels as dairy milk.

Nutrition Information per 100ml:
35 Calories, 0.7g fat, 0.2g saturated fat, 6.1g carbs, 4.1g sugars, 0.8g protein, 0.3g fibre, 0.1g salt.

Spring Water, Organic Pure Oats (11%), Sea Salt.

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