Thursday, 25 July 2019

Kinder Ice Cream Sticks Review

Kinder ice cream stick lolliesI purchased these new Kinder Ice Cream sticks purely on impulse. They were definitely not on my shopping list, mainly because they are new and I’ve never seen them before.

Without investigating the nutrition, I had a quick check of the calorie content as shown on the front of the box – only 62 calories each.

Since they were on offer I popped them into the trolley as a dessert choice for the family who like something sweet after dinner (and who doesn’t like Kinder eggs)!

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

M&S Plant Kitchen Alternative to Dairy Milks

Marks and Spencer have replaced their ‘Made without’ alternative to dairy milks and brought in a new range called Plant Kitchen. The plant kitchen range also include ready meals which are all suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those eating a plant-based diet.

They are all enriched with iodine, vitamin D2, vitamin B12 and have as much calcium as dairy milk.

Choices available are: Almond Drink – sweetened or unsweetened, Cashew Drink, Oat Drink, Soya Drink – sweetened or unsweetened and Coconut drink.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Earn £5,000 if you eat beige food - be quick!

Do you want to be paid just to eat your usual diet?

A multivitamin subscription brand is offering three members of the public, who admittedly eat only ‘beige’ food, the opportunity to put their vitamins to the test, by taking their vitamins for a month whilst they continue to eat a poor diet. 

The site is offering the ‘vitamin testers’ £5,000 each to eat their typical ‘beige’ diet, which must consist of mostly foods like white bread, chips, eggs, pasta and rice, for 30 days whilst also taking its one-a-day multivitamin. 

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Alpro Caffe Coffee & Hazelnut Drink Review

Alpro Caffe Coffee and hazelnut drinkAs a coffee lover, I adore iced coffee and it's so refreshing on a hot day. It's easy enough to make at home, but after spotting this iced coffee by Alpro, I couldn't resist purchasing a carton of their Caffe Coffee and Hazelnut drink.

It sounds delicious. A creamy blend of coffee with hazelnut. Ice cold and creamy, Alpro Caffe with hazelnut has been expertly blended to give you the delicious break you deserve.

It has just 31 calories per 100ml, the whole 1 litre carton has just 310 calories. It’s low in sugar too.


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