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Waitrose Vegetarian Red Pepper Grills review

Waitrose vegetarian red pepper grillsI was whizzing around Waitrose looking for special offers when I spotted these Frozen vegetarians red pepper grills on a 2 for £3 deal. I hadn’t seen these before and they looked like something my family might enjoy.

They’re described as ‘succulent & smoky – red peppers and sweetcorn seasoned with smoked paprika’.

There are four grills per box and each grill has 163 calories.
Waitrose vegetarian red pepper grills

After a long day I couldn’t be bothered with cooking so it was freezer time. These red pepper grills couldn’t be easier to prepare.
  1. Turn on the oven
  2. Open the box
  3. Put grills on a tray
  4. Put into the oven
  5. Take out of the oven after 22-24 minutes. Done!
Waitrose vegetarian red pepper grills

I decided to serve these with a simple salad as I had a couple of green leaf salad bags in the fridge. I added cucumber, raddish, spring onion and cherry tomatoes and made a quick dressing of olive oil and apple cider vinegar and a bit of sweet chilli sauce.

They looked so appetising once cooked and gave off a lovely smoky flavour. They didn’t fall apart when I was dishing them up but I cut them in half to serve.

Waitrose vegetarian red pepper grills

They’re a good size and quite filling. My husband and daughter really liked them. I liked the smoky flavour but still found them a little bit bland. I’d happily buy them again though and found them very good value – especially as they were on offer.

They’re low in saturated fat and low in sugar.

Available in the freezer section of Waitrose stores.

Potato, red pepper (17%), fine yellow beans, sweetcorn (11%), wheat flour, sunflower oil, onions, rice starch, water, tomatoes, garlic powder, paprika, white wine vinegar, tomato juice, tomato powder, rapeseed oil, grape juice from concentrate, salt, yeast, smoked paprika, antioxidant potassium metabisulphite

Nutrition: per 100g/grill:

186 / 163 Calories, 6.4g/5.6g fat, 1.0g/0.9g saturated fat, 26.3g/ 23.0g carbs, 3.6g/3.2g sugars, 4.1g/3.6g fibre, 3.7g/3.2g protein, 0.63g/0.55g salt.

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