Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Light & Free Kefir Milk Drink Review

Light & Free kefirLight & Free by Danone have a great range of lower calorie flavoured yogurts. Now they’ve brought out their own range of kefir.

Like their yogurts, Light & Free is promoting their kefir on the fact that it has 0% fat and no added sugar. This brings the calories right down.

At the time of writing there are three varieties: Plain, Pomegranate & Blueberry and Cucumber & Lime. I didn’t fancy the idea of the cucumber & lime so I purchased a bottle of Plain and Pomegrante & Blueberry. These have just 93 calories for the whole 265ml bottle.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Oppo Ice Cream Sticks Review

Oppo salted caramel ice cream stickThis summer saw a glut of new lower calorie ice creams all vying for space in the supermarket freezers. And here’s another one from Oppo. This time it’s in the form of ice creams on sticks with a chocolate coating, Magnum style.

There are two varieties: Madagascan Vanilla & Roasted Almond which has 120 calories per ice cream and the Salted Caramel with just 110 calories. I purchased a box of both.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Deliciously Ella Nut Butter Balls Review

Deliciously Ella Nut Butter Balls Apple Cinnamon and AlmondAs a follower of Deliciously Ella on Instagram, it’s impossible not to view the daily stories relating to her nut butter balls. I’ve held off buying them for a long time, but finally succumbed while waiting at a checkout in my local health food store.

I purchased a box of the Apple, Cinnamon & Almond nut butter balls and a pack of Raspberry & Cashew nut butter balls at a cost of £1.99 per box, virtually £1 per single ball.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Kombucha Drink by Pro Fusion Review

Pro Fusion Kombucha drinkImproving digestion is a big concern for many people with a healthy gut being linked to a healthy body and mind. One way of promoting gut health is by regularly topping up good bacteria with fermented food and drink.

There aren’t that many to choose from when it comes to drinks. One way is to drink Kefir which is fermented from milk, and another is to drink kombucha which is fermented from tea.

Kombucha can be drunk as a super healthy alternative to fizzy soft drinks because it’s naturally low in calories, naturally fizzy and can help increase levels of good bacteria. I purchased a bottle of Kombucha made by Pro Fusion Organic Living which has just 18 calories per 100ml.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Missfits Protein Wonderballs Review

Missfits cacao protein ballsI picked up a couple of packs of Missfits protein balls in Sainsbury's a few weeks ago. I wasn’t actually looking for protein balls, but these caught my eye because they were mini protein balls, rather than larger ones.

I purchased a pack of Cacao at 138 calories per pack and a pack of Coconut with 117 calories per bag..

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Mochi Ice Cream Little Moons Vanilla Review

Little moons mochi ice cream vanillaTo be honest, I’d never heard of Mochi ice cream until my daughter kept talking about them, then demanding I buy ingredients to make them!

But a much easier way of sampling a mochi ice cream is to buy them and Little Moons sell a wide variety of flavours. Each box contains 6 mochi ice creams with calories per mochi ranging from 64 up to around 84 calories.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Sainsbury's Apple & Cinnamon Rice Cakes Review

Sainsbury Apple & Cinnamon Rice CakesI discovered these rice cakes by accident while looking for breadsticks for my daughter. I used to buy apple rice cakes made by Mrs Crimble. But for some reason they stopped producing them. I wondered whether these would be similar.

Sainsbury’s Apple & Cinnamon Rice Cakes are described as ‘Apple and Cinnamon flavour cake with wholegrain brown rice, white rice, oat flakes and millet’. They’re gluten free and bags contains 4 packs of 2 rice cakes. Each rice cake has just 35 calories.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 30% less Sugar Review

After reading some negative reactions towards the new Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate 30% less sugar version, I was intrigued to see how true the reviews were.
Cadbury Dairy Milk 30 percent less sugar

Cadbury Dairy Milk was always my absolute favourite chocolate bar but now I only buy dark chocolate (for the 'health' benefits). However, I really wanted to see how the reduced sugar version compared with the original as well as the differences in calories.

Friday, 9 August 2019

Halo Top Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sticks Review

Halo Top Peanut Butter Ice Cream SticksWe love Halo Top ice cream in my house, with various members of the family always accusing each other of finishing off the tub.

Now Halo Top have a new addition to their lower calorie ice cream range with the arrival of Halo Top Ice Cream Sticks.

Each box contains 3 ice creams on a wooden stick and there are four flavours - each have 100 calories or less per ice cream.

Thursday, 1 August 2019

Rude Health Chilled Oat Unsweetened Review

Rude Health Oat Milk Drink OrganicAfter enjoying my first experience of Oat milk courtesy of Oatly’s Skinny, I felt confident enough to try another brand as long as the calories weren’t too high. After checking all the nutrition labels, it seems that Rude Health’s Organic Chilled Oat Drink has the lowest calories – just 35 calories per 100g.

Rude Health’s Oat Drink is a dairy free, organic and gluten free dairy alternative with no added artificial ingredients. It’s available as chilled or long life.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Kinder Ice Cream Sticks Review

Kinder ice cream stick lolliesI purchased these new Kinder Ice Cream sticks purely on impulse. They were definitely not on my shopping list, mainly because they are new and I’ve never seen them before.

Without investigating the nutrition, I had a quick check of the calorie content as shown on the front of the box – only 62 calories each.

Since they were on offer I popped them into the trolley as a dessert choice for the family who like something sweet after dinner (and who doesn’t like Kinder eggs)!

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

M&S Plant Kitchen Alternative to Dairy Milks

Marks and Spencer have replaced their ‘Made without’ alternative to dairy milks and brought in a new range called Plant Kitchen. The plant kitchen range also include ready meals which are all suitable for vegetarians, vegans and those eating a plant-based diet.

They are all enriched with iodine, vitamin D2, vitamin B12 and have as much calcium as dairy milk.

Choices available are: Almond Drink – sweetened or unsweetened, Cashew Drink, Oat Drink, Soya Drink – sweetened or unsweetened and Coconut drink.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Earn £5,000 if you eat beige food - be quick!

Do you want to be paid just to eat your usual diet?

A multivitamin subscription brand is offering three members of the public, who admittedly eat only ‘beige’ food, the opportunity to put their vitamins to the test, by taking their vitamins for a month whilst they continue to eat a poor diet. 

The site is offering the ‘vitamin testers’ £5,000 each to eat their typical ‘beige’ diet, which must consist of mostly foods like white bread, chips, eggs, pasta and rice, for 30 days whilst also taking its one-a-day multivitamin. 

Thursday, 4 July 2019

Alpro Caffe Coffee & Hazelnut Drink Review

Alpro Caffe Coffee and hazelnut drinkAs a coffee lover, I adore iced coffee and it's so refreshing on a hot day. It's easy enough to make at home, but after spotting this iced coffee by Alpro, I couldn't resist purchasing a carton of their Caffe Coffee and Hazelnut drink.

It sounds delicious. A creamy blend of coffee with hazelnut. Ice cold and creamy, Alpro Caffe with hazelnut has been expertly blended to give you the delicious break you deserve.

It has just 31 calories per 100ml, the whole 1 litre carton has just 310 calories. It’s low in sugar too.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Heck Chicken Sausage Chipolatas Review

Heck chicken sausages chipolatasSince I’ve been cooking a lot more meat free meals, sausages aren’t something I think about buying. But after spotting these sausages from Heck at end of a chiller cabinet in Sainsbury’s last week, I thought they looked like an interesting alternative to regular pork sausages as they’re made with chicken.

They’re gluten free and best of all, two sausages come in at under 100 calories!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Little Jude’s Milk Lollies Review

Little Judes Just ice cream lolliesIf you like Mini Milk ice lollies, you might be interested in a new ice lolly from the makers of Jude’s ice cream.

Like Mini Milks, Little Jude’s are available in 3 flavours: shocolate, strawberry and vanilla. They have no refined sugar and typically have 30% less sugar than similar ice lollies. And a big plus – each lolly has only 30 or 31 calories!

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Kefir - The Collective Dairy Drinks Review

kefir the collective dairyUntil a few years ago I hadn’t even heard of the word kefir, but now it’s one of the staples in my fridge which I drink every day. Its popularity must be catching on because there are lots of new brands of kefir arriving on the supermarket shelves and well known yogurt makers are also producing kefir.

One brand which has been doing well and has a few different flavours, is made by The Collective Dairy. As well as three flavours of drinking kefir, they also have 2 kefir yogurts.

The flavours of drinking kefir are: Mango ‘n’ Turmeric, Coconut ‘n’ honey and berries ‘n’ hibiscus plus a natural variety. They’re all low in calories ranging between 47 – 57 calories per 100ml and are available in 220ml or 500ml sizes.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Waitrose Vegetarian Red Pepper Grills review

Waitrose vegetarian red pepper grillsI was whizzing around Waitrose looking for special offers when I spotted these Frozen vegetarians red pepper grills on a 2 for £3 deal. I hadn’t seen these before and they looked like something my family might enjoy.

They’re described as ‘succulent & smoky – red peppers and sweetcorn seasoned with smoked paprika’.

There are four grills per box and each grill has 163 calories.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Brownie Ice Cream

Ben & Jerrys salted caramel brownie light ice creamBen & Jerry’s ice cream is amazingly delicious, but not something you want to eat on a regular basis if you’re watching your weight.

Luckily for those of us who love ice cream, there are lots of new style ice creams on the market with a much reduced calorie content. Mostly this is because they’ve replaced sugar with a sweetener such as stevia.

But Ben & Jerry’s Light Ice Cream version hasn’t done this. Instead they’ve reduced the fat content to reduce the calories, stating it has 50% less fat than similar ice creams.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Dairy Free Biomel Probiotic Drinks review

Biomel almond milk drink dairy freeI’ve written about the health benefits of kefir in previous posts, but what about if you’re vegan or dairy free? Kefir contains a fantastic source of healthy bacterial cultures, but of course, it’s made from milk so not suitable for those with a dairy allergy, or who are vegan.

Fortunately there are dairy free culture drinks with all the benefits of dairy kefir. One of these is produced by the company Biomel. They have a range of probiotic drinks made from coconut milk, and more recently almond milk.

They’re available in 510ml bottles and little ‘shot’ bottles, 125ml, with an average of just 50 calories per bottle.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

M&S Sweet Potato Falafels Plant Kitchen Review

M&S sweet potato falafels plant kitchen veganMarks & Spencer have a whole new delicious range of meals dedicated to vegan food which you can find under the branding name ‘Plant Kitchen’.

I was browsing around the ready meals section in M&S recently looking for something nice and easy to prepare and which all the family would like AND was healthy. I couldn’t find anything that particularly appealed until I got to the vegan / plant based section.

There were so many delicious looking meals it was hard to choose, but I purchased this Sweet Potato Falafels dish which comes with a cashew nut & cannellini dip. They have 104 calories each.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Cadbury Chocolates Calories and Sugar Guide

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate barThe war on sugar shows no signs of letting up. And if you love chocolate, it’s not easy keeping your sugar intake down.

It goes without saying, chocolate is a high fat, high sugar product, which unfortunately also means high calorie.

It's this fat and sugar combination which makes chocolate highly addictive. While chocolate generally has similar amounts of calories and sugar per 100g, when it comes to individual bars or packets, there can be quite a variation in calories due to their size.

For example, a Dairy Milk Chocolate bar (45g) that you might buy at the corner shop, contains 240 calories and 6 teaspoons of sugar. But if you bought a 6 pack from the supermarket, these bars contain just 157 calories and 3.8 teaspoons of sugar. That's because the bars in the multi pack are smaller.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Finnebrogue Naked Bacon Nitrite Free Review

Finnebrogue nitrite free back baconOne of my family’s favourite meals is an English Cooked Breakfast which I prepare as an evening meal rather than in the morning. But since there has been so much worrying information regarding the negative health effects caused by nitrates in processed meats, I haven’t been buying bacon as much.

However, I discovered this ‘Naked Bacon’ by Finnebrogue which is completely free from nitrites and artificial additives. And it can be included in weight loss programmes because each rasher of bacon has just 46 calories.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Garbanzo Baked Chickpea Bites Review

As a long time fan of Garbanzo’s chickpea snacks, I was interested to visit their stand at the Allergy & Free From Show at Olympia, London last year. They had a new range on show with lots of free samples for visitors to try out.

Still with chickpeas as the base, these chickpea snacks are called ‘baked chickpea bites’. They’re gluten free, contain Vitamin D and have less than 100 calories per bag.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Good Hemp Unsweetened Alternative Milk Review

Good Hemp unsweetened alternative milk non dairy milkWhile looking in the alternative milk section recently, I spotted a new hemp milk by the brand 'Good Hemp'. It's a fresh chilled version (there is already a long life UHT option) and it can be found alongside the dairy milks in the chiller cabinet (Waitrose in this case).

Years ago I tried a long life hemp milk by Good Hemp but I couldn’t get on with the taste. I’m afraid it ended up down the sink. However, this new version looked so tempting: the bottle shape, the colours, fresh creamy milk against the bright green lettering on the bottle. I was swayed into picking it up and hoped that the taste had improved over time.

Friday, 22 March 2019

Boundless Activated Nuts & Seeds Review

Boundless activated nuts and seedsI'm snacker and always have a stash of healthy snacks close by.  This includes my favourite garbanzo chickpea snacks and Gourmet sodabread toasts.

Nuts and seeds are also a healthy snack but they are high in calories and very easy to overeat. So if you're watching your weight, it really pays to keep an eye on portion sizes.

If you're looking for ready portioned nuts and seeds, here is a fairly new arrival by Boundless, who have 4 varieties of nuts & seeds snacks. Their snacks won a Great Taste award in 2017 and they may offer greater health benefits because their nuts and seeds are activated. But why is activated better?

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Jude’s No Added Sugar Ice Cream Review

Jude's no added sugar ice creams peanut butter and chocolate veganSince the arrival and success of low calorie Oppo ice cream 4 years ago, other brands are now following the trend. These ice creams have no added sugar which means they have far fewer calories than regular ice cream.

One of the recent brands I’ve been testing are made by Jude’s who already produce a successful award winning range of ice creams. Jude’s ice creams contain ‘30% less sugar and 30% fewer calories than similar ice cream products.

A whole tub contains 320 calories!

Monday, 4 March 2019

Tesco Free From Milk Plain Soya Yogurt Review

Tesco free from unsweetened soy yogurtAfter sampling Alpro’s No Sugar Plain Unsweetened Soya yogurt recently, I decided to compare Tesco’s own version of soya dairy free yogurt.

Their soya yogurt is part of the ‘free FROM’ range and this soya alternative is free from milk. It’s unsweetened and gets a green traffic light across the board. It’s also low in calories and carbohydrates so helpful for those on a weight loss diet or low carbohydrate diet.

Monday, 25 February 2019

My 5 tips for weight loss without dieting

It's nearly March! New Year's weight loss resolutions have probably fallen by the wayside and you may be thinking about the next diet ready for summer.

But if you dread the idea of yet another weight loss diet, there may be other ways of losing weight that doesn't mean depriving yourself of your favourite foods.

Rather than tell yourself you need to go on a diet, why not try something different, and not go on a diet?

Instead of embarking on some radically restrictive diet, you may find that making a few changes here and there, you will naturally lose weight without too much difficulty.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Rhythm 108 Vegan Gluten Free Snacks Review

Vegan must be the most popular word right now. Everywhere you turn, food producers, marketers, chefs, you name them, are all developing vegan recipes. Other popular terms are ‘gluten free’ and ‘dairy free’.

So if you’re looking for snacks that fit the above criteria, here is a new selection of chocolate bars and biscuits by Swiss bakers Rhythm 108. While not particularly low in calories, they are all gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegans. They also boast having 47% less sugar than comparable bars and cap each bar at 8g of sugar without compromising taste or quality.

Their range includes Sweet N Salty, Hazelnut Praline, and Super Coconut.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Lizi’s High Protein Drinks Review

Lizis high protein low sugar breakfast milk drinksProtein drinks for breakfast is a trend that seems to be growing. They’re mainly aimed at those who don’t have time to eat breakfast before they leave home and want something portable that they can consume on the way to work or even at work. Because of their high protein content, they're also supposed to keep you feeling more full than a regular milk drink.

I can’t say I’ve had much interest in breakfast drinks, but I did notice a new range on the shelves recently by granola maker, Lizi. I’ve long been a fan of Lizi’s granolas – see review on Lizi’s Granolas here, and the No Added Sugar version here, so I was pleased to receive a bottle of each of Lizi’s new breakfast drinks for review.

There are three flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Oatly Skinny Milk Review

Oatly Oat Drink Skinny Plant based alternative milkUntil recently, Oat milk is one of two popular alternative milks I hadn't tried. The other is rice milk. The reason is that Oat milk tends to have more calories than other alternative plant based milks. As I drink a lot of tea, coffee and other lattes during the day, it all adds up.

But after noticing a new Oatly Skinny alternative milk with fewer calories than the regular version, I thought it about time I tried it.

This milk is called Oatly Drink Skinny and it has 37 calories per 100ml.

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Light & Free Fig n Honey Greek Style Yogurt Review

Danone Light & Free Fig Yogurt Orla KielyDanone have added another new variety to their range of Light & Free yogurts. The latest is a fig & honey Greek style 0% fat and 0% added sugar yogurt.

This one stands out on the shelf because of its attractive designer edition outer sleeve - Orla Keely’s zingy design.

Like the others in the Light & Free range, it’s a very low calorie yogurt with just 60 calories per pot. I like figs so was tempted enough to pick up a pack to try out.

Monday, 14 January 2019

How has veganism grown in the UK?

Once upon a time, the word ‘vegan’ was something of a rarity. You definitely wouldn’t find much of it on food packaging labels, or restaurant menus. It was deemed an extreme lifestyle choice often synonymous with deprivation.

But the whole concept has undergone a radical change in the last few years, with a record number of Brits expected in this year’s Veganuary, where people embrace a vegan diet throughout January.

To find out just how much is veganism growing in the UK, top soil supplier Compost Direct has some fascinating stats.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

Gregg's Vegan Sausage Roll Review and Comparison

It feels odd to be writing about sausage rolls for this blog and they're not something I would advise for weight loss. But this morning I found myself on the end of an exceptionally long queue outside my local Gregg's bakery. And the longer the queue got, the more people joined! I felt I was part of some 'in the know' movement.

My reason for joining the Gregg's queue was because of all this talk about the Gregg's Vegan sausage rolls. So I decided to do a little comparison between their ‘normal’ sausage rolls and the new vegan variety.

I tried to buy one yesterday, but at 12.30pm, they were sold out. So my next outing to Gregg's was 10.30am this morning, but only after I’d phoned them to check they actually had any vegan sausage rolls to sell.


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