Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Deliciously Ella Yellow Thai Curry Review

As someone who’s always advocated the benefit of eating loads of vegetables as a way of losing weight or maintaining weight, it's been fantastic how many new and exciting vegetable dishes are out there.

This vegetable interest is partly down to the growing popularity in plant-based meals and possibly the many thousands of beautifully photographed veggie dishes on Instagram.

One of the well known vegan recipe creators is Ella Mills, a.k.a. Deliciously Ella. I have most of her recipe books and love the variety of recipes. But, even though it’s great if you have time to cook from scratch, for many of us, that’s not possible every day.

For busy days it’s helpful to have the odd ready meal on standby in the freezer. And its good to know they’re not all unhealthy. So I was really excited to see that Deliciously Ella had brought out a range of frozen ready meals. I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Monday, 3 December 2018

easyJet Menu Choices Review

Not so long ago if you took a flight anywhere, you’d be served free food and drink during your journey, even if it was just a short flight from the UK to Europe. But those days are gone and now your choice is eat nothing or buy from the on-board selection.

I don’t often fly anywhere, but when I do, I like to bring my own snacks just in case there’s nothing healthy to choose from. A few weeks ago I flew on easyJet for the first time and was pleasantly surprised at their menu choice.


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