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Top Vegan City Hotspots in Great Britain

People choosing to eat a more plant based diet or going totally vegan has increased at a phenomenal rate. According to research by The Vegan Society, there are now around 600,000 vegans in Great Britain in 2018 compared to just 276,000 vegans in 2016 – a 117% increase (1).

In time for national Vegan day on 1st November, Mindful Chef, an online company who provide a home delivery recipe box service, have analysed the dietary choices of their 20,000+ customers.

From their results they’ve found which areas in the country have the most vegans.
Overall, they found that Glasgow, Edinburgh and Brighton have biggest vegan communities, and in the South East, the London borough of Harrow was revealed as the most vegan area of the capital.

The in-depth findings examine customer behaviour from over twenty thousand Mindful Chef customers, tracing their preferences when signing up for the recipe boxes when asked to choose between balanced, plant-based, pescatarian and protein-packed boxes. The city with the highest percentage of those choosing ‘plant-based’ is revealed to be Glasgow, with a quarter (24 per cent) of the city opting for the vegan regime.

Close behind is sister city Edinburgh with a fifth (21 per cent) of customers revealed as vegans, followed by Brighton & Hove (17 per cent) and Leicester (17 per cent). From the vast array of options available to Mindful Chef customers, the research was also able to show that those in Cambridge (9 per cent) are the most likely to be pescatarian, followed by Brighton & Hove (8 per cent) and Bristol (7 per cent).

Top five vegan communities in top UK cities

Top 5 vegan cities in Britain

When it comes to a carnivorous diet, Cardiff (20 per cent) residents are the most likely to choose meat-focused meals over the rest of the UK, with Newcastle (17 per cent) and Leeds (13 per cent) also high on the list of those choosing from Mindful Chef meat dishes, such as beef & chipotle meatballs with squash noodles, and cashew chicken curry with black rice.

Across all London boroughs, Harrow has the highest vegan community with almost a fifth following a plant-based diet (18 per cent), followed by east London borough Newham (16 per cent) and Hillingdon (15 per cent).

Top five vegan communities in London boroughs

Top 5 vegan places in London

Hackney and Redbridge (8 per cent) are revealed to have the largest pescatarian communities in the capital, while the majority of meat eaters can be found in Barking & Dagenham (28 per cent). The data revealed that Brent (79 per cent), Kensington & Chelsea (78 per cent), and Wandsworth (77 per cent) eat the most ‘balanced diet’ – with the majority selecting recipes dishes that include a mixture of vegan, pescatarian and protein-packed recipes.

UK consumers can select their dietary preferences using Mindful Chef’s delivery recipe box service. With 16 meat, fish and plant-based recipes to choose from each week, the Mindful menu provides a unique variety for people looking for a range of nutritious great tasting dishes. All its innovative recipes are free from dairy, gluten and refined carbs.

Each box provides people with the tools to cook delicious nutritionally-balanced meals that help you feel healthier and happier.

[1] The Vegan Society’s research found that there are 600,000 vegans in Great Britain in 2018 compared to just 276,000 vegans in 2016.

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