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Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry Yogurt Review

Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry YogurtLight & Free, by Danone, have a range of fat free, sugar free flavoured yogurts. To keep up with the trend for Skyr type yogurts, Danone have now introduced their own Skyr version of Light & Free. It’s available in three flavours: Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry.

Having never tried a Skyr yogurt before, I thought this might be a nice one to try, especially as I really like their Light & Free Strawberry yogurt.

Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry Yogurt

The Light & Free Skyr Icelandic style yogurts are higher in protein than regular yogurts. Each 150g pot has 14g of protein and 81 calories. Like the Light & Free yogurts, the Skyr style also contains zero % fat and no added sugar.

Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry Yogurt

Nutrition comparison between the Light & Free Strawberry yogurt and Light & Free Strawberry Skyr yogurt.

Nutrition per 100g
Light & Free Strawberry Skyr
Light & Free Strawberry Yogurt

Before opening this yogurt, I imagined it would be similar to a Greek style yogurt, very thick and smooth. But this Skyr yogurt is nothing like that. It’s light and thick, and has the texture of a mousse. Not at all what I was expecting. And unlike the Strawberry yogurt, there aren’t any pieces of strawberry which was disappointing.

Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry Yogurt

I have to admit I didn’t like this yogurt at all. I want a yogurt to act like a yogurt and this one was really an imitation mousse. I didn’t like the flavour and missed the strawberry pieces of the Light & Free yogurt.

The Skyr yogurt is sweetened with Stevia which I believe to be a healthier option, rather than the Acesulfame K and Sucralose that’s used in the Light & Free yogurt. However, I don’t think this accounts for the completely different taste and certainly not the texture.

Danone Light & Free Skyr Strawberry Yogurt
If you were after a bigger protein hit, then the Skyr yogurt certainly has that with over twice the amount of protein per 100g than the regular yogurt. But I’d rather get my protein from other sources than this.

Available in most larger supermarkets.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Nutrition: Per 100g: 54 Calories, less than 0.5g fat, 0.1g saturated fat, 3.8g carbs, 3.5g sugars, 9.1g protein, less than 0.5g fibre, less than 0.1g salt. 124mg calcium.

Ingredients: (Strawberry):
Yogurt (Milk), Strawberry (8%), Modified Maize Starch, Vegetable Concentrates (Radish, Carrot), Calcium Citrates, Flavourings (Milk), Strawberry Seeds, Stabilisers (Glycerol, Potassium Chloride), Thickener (Carrageenan), Sweetener (Steviol Glycosides from a natural source (Stevia Extract)), Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, Sodium Citrates)

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  1. I have to disagree with the above and say that I love the texture and taste of the Skyr type, although not tasted the Strawberry - love strawberries but not mashed up in things. However the blueberry, raspberry and the peach/mango I have tried and all of them have bits of fruit in them.



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