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Emily Fruit Crisps Review

Emily Fruit Crisps red appleWhizzing around a branch of Waitrose recently, I noticed a display stand of Emily crisps in little cardboard boxes, complete with carrying handle. They were so cute I couldn’t resist taking a closer look.

These new multi-pack boxes contain 4 bags of Emily fruit crisps, each less than 100 calories.

Emily Crisps must be catching on because they are being sold in more places now. I first discovered them in a branch of Wholefoods a couple of years ago while looking for some school snacks for my youngest (who happens to be called Emily). I knew she’d want to eat these even if she didn’t like the contents!

Emily Fruit Crisps red apple

Emily Crisps Sweet french beans, sugar snaps and edamame

Emily Crisps Sweet potato carrot and beetroot

Emily Crisps Fig Banana

Fortunately Emily crisps are really tasty and are now available in a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Fruit Crisp Varieties include:
  • Crunchy red apple (15g) – 62 calories
  • Crunchy red apple (30g) 124 calories
  • Crunchy Fig Banana (35g) – 157 calories
  • Crunchy Pineapple (15g) – 67 calories
  • Crunchy Pineapple (30g) – 133 calories
Veg Crisp varieties include:
  • Crunchy French Bean, Sugar Snap peas and black edamame (23g) – 95 calories
  • Crunchy French Bean, Sugar Snap peas and black edamame (80g) – 332 calories
  • Crunchy sweet potato, carrot & beetroot (80g) – 111 calories
  • Crunchy sweet potato, carrot & beetroot (80g) – 386 calories
Emily Fruit Crisps pineapple

The small packs (15g) contain 1 of your 5 a day and are a useful way of incorporating some extra fruit into your daily diet. They’re also helpful if you can’t eat whole fruit easily, for example, my daughter has braces on her teeth and has been told not to bite into things like apples and carrots.
Emily Fruit Crisps red apple

I’m not entirely sure how they’ve been cooked and you can’t get much information from their website. The pack says they’ve been hand cooked but that’s not really clear either. They may have been dehydrated but the pieces are crunchy and not soft as you normally find after dehydrating.
Emily Fruit Crisps red apple

There isn’t a lot in the pack, but as you can see from the photo, there are lots of small pieces which can take a little longer to crunch through. Any food that’s dehydrated naturally shrinks as all the water is lost. This accounts for the small amount in the bag.

Emily Fruit Crisps red apple
Emily Fruit Crisps Crunchy Red Apple
But at just 62 calories for the Red Apple and 67 calories for the crunchy pineapple, it’s a perfectly acceptable number of calories for a snack (children and adults)!

If you’re watching your sugar intake, dried fruit is always high in sugar which is why it’s best to eat it in small quantities. You’re still getting the fibre though, which is necessary for gut health.

1 of your 5 a day, Completely natural, No added sugar - contains naturally occurring sugars, Gluten free, Perfect for baking, Suitable for vegans, Kosher - KLBD, Halal.

Ingredients (Red Apple): apple, RSPO – sustainable palm oil.

Nutrition per 15g bag (Red Apple): 62 calories, 1.2g fat, 0.6g sat fat, 12.8g carbs, 9.6g sugars, 1.8g fibre, 0.2g protein, less than 0.1g salt.

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