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Teapigs Organic Matcha Latte Turmeric Review

Teapigs Organic Matcha Latte turmeric While quickly scanning the tea and coffee shelves in a branch of Waitrose recently, I was drawn to an eye catching display of organic matcha lattes from Teapigs. What particularly caught my attention were the interesting varieties.

There are four different flavours besides the regular green tea latte. These are: Matcha Latte Turmeric, Matcha Latte Mint, Matcha Latte Cocoa and Matcha Latte Chai. Each box contains 10 sachets each worth just 7 calories.

As a regular black tea drinker, I’ve never enjoyed the taste of green tea. I really wanted to because it’s got so many health benefits. However, I’ve found a way around this by drinking matcha green tea as a latte. And apparently matcha green tea is even more potent than regular green tea because you’re drinking the whole leaf as it’s ground into a powder. Extra benefits include boosting metabolism which can help with weight loss.

Teapigs Organic Matcha Latte turmeric
Teapigs Organic Matcha Latte Turmeric
Looking at the four Teapigs varieties, I opted for the turmeric as I already drink turmeric lattes for health benefits. Drinking matcha tea together with turmeric sounds like it could be a super nutritionally healthy drink.

What teapigs say:

“Love matcha latte? Love turmeric latte? Why not have both. We have blended them for you to make a super healthy latte. 
Matcha is a superhero amongst teas. 100% ground green tea leaves from Nishio, Japan - essentially a super-concentrated green tea containing natural green tea flavonoids (catechins).
Matcha tea bushes are grown under shade to increase their chlorophyll content and then ground by granite stones into a super fine powder. So when you drink matcha, you're ingesting every little bit of lovely green tea good stuff. That's why we call it super power green tea. 
100% pure organic matcha, organic turmeric, organic liquorice. Nothing added.
Contains ECGC, L-Theanine (catechins or flavonoids) and beta carotene.
Our matcha is premium grade (that means it's top notch).
Full 1g matcha serving in every sachet (daily dose!).”
Teapigs Organic Matcha Latte turmeric sachets
Teapigs Matcha Latte Turmeric sachets
The instructions recommend you whisk one sachet of matcha latte into a small amount of hot milk then top with hot frothy milk. I generally use almond milk for my matcha tea lattes which means my latte has around 30 calories.

Teapigs Organic Matcha Latte turmeric
Teapigs Matcha Latte Turmeric
I mixed the sachet with a small amount of hot water and found it dissolved very easily leaving no lumps. My regular matcha green tea does take a little more mixing before all the lumps disappear.

I then heated up my almond milk and frothed it using my trusty Bodum milk frother. After pouring the milk onto the matcha latte mix in my cup and adding a bit of stevia, I topped it off with a sprinkling of nutmeg.

Teapigs Organic Matcha Latte turmeric
Teapigs Matcha Latte Turmeric

Although the colour is a bit off putting, a sort of murky greeny yellow, I could clearly smell the turmeric. However, the turmeric flavour wasn’t too strong, but just enough to taste. I found it quite tasty and finished the lot in about five minutes.

I usually feel quite virtuous after drinking a matcha latte, hoping that I’m benefiting from all these health boosting properties including antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And it’s such a delicious way to support your health.

The only slight niggle is the price. These boxes of matcha lattes aren’t cheap. At the time of writing they cost £9.95 for a box of 10. It is cheaper than purchasing from a coffee shop though!
Teapigs Matcha Latte mint turmeric cocoa chai
Teapigs Matcha Mint, Matcha Turmeric, Matcha Cocoa and Matcha Chai

Available in Waitrose, Tesco, Ocado online.

Ingredients: Organically grown matcha from Japan – ground green tea leaves (50%), organic turmeric (28%), organic liquorice root (22%). Health note: as this produce contains liquorice, those suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.

Nutrition per 2g sachet: 7 calories, 1g matcha. ECGC, L-Theanine (catechins or flavonoids) beta carotene. Dairy free, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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