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Squirrel Sisters Raw Energy Snack Bars Review

Squirrel Sisters coconut and cashew nut raw energy barI’ve been weaning myself of sweet snacks as much as possible to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet. But I still keep the odd sweet snack in my desk drawer as a little treat, usually a Nakd bar.

But Nakd have many rivals, one of which are these  raw energy snack bars made by Squirrel Sisters. I’ve been reading about them for a while but it’s only recently I’ve actually been able to find them in a branch of Holland & Barrett.

There are four varieties: Cacao Orange, Cacao Brownie, Coconut Cashew and Raspberry Ripple. I purchased one Cacao Orange and one Coconut Cashew.

Squirrel Sisters bars are similar to Nakd bars in that they are made predominantly from dates with other fruit and nuts squashed into them. But instead of one bar, each pack contains a little cardboard tray with two snack bars sitting inside. I like this idea as it’s easy to take one bar out and leave the other for later.

Squirrel Sisters Cacao and orange raw energy bar

Squirrel Sisters coconut and cashew nut raw energy bar

I thought the cacao orange bar was delicious, soft and squishy with a delicate taste of orange running through. But my absolute favourite is the Coconut Cashew. It’s crammed with chewy coconut pieces and good crunchy bits of cashew nut.

Squirrel Sisters Cacao and orange raw energy bar
Squirrel Sisters Raw Energy Bars Orange & Cacao

Anything that’s crammed with dried fruit and nuts isn’t going to be low in calories. But these are small portions. Even so, I initially made the mistake of thinking the whole pack contained around 90 calories.

Squirrel Sisters coconut and cashew nut raw energy bar
Squirrel Sisters Coconut Cashew Raw Energy Bar
This was because the nutrition label states the values per bar. Additionally, the pack displays a circle with the calorie value per bar in a large font size. This is the calories per bar but that bit is in small type around the outside. However, it’s only when you open up the pack that you find there are two bars inside!

Squirrel Sisters Cacao and orange raw energy bar
Squirrel Sisters Cacao Orange Raw Energy Bars
Each bar is 20g. The Cacao Orange has 82 calories and the Coconut Cashew has 91 calories per bar.

The energy bars are gluten free, vegan, paleo, made in the UK, grain free and have no added sugar. The pack also has a ‘sugar wise’ logo on the back. I’m not sure what this is for? Perhaps because there is no added sugar! The sugar content is however, high. There is no getting around the fact that dates and dried fruit will always be high in sugar.

They ingredients are natural. However, it's high fat, high saturated fat and high in sugar so this is something to be aware of. Compared with popular milk chocolate bars, the ingredients in these raw energy bars are likely to provide useful nutrients as opposed to milk chocolate (not dark chocolate 85%+). It's best to keep the portion sizes small, and that's what these bars do.

Other stores which sell these bars include:
  • As Nature Intended, 
  • Boots, 
  • Whole Foods, 
  • Planet Organic, 
  • Revital, 
  • Amazon, 
  • Barrecore, 
  • Sourced Market and 
  • Bayley & Sage.

Nutrition per 20g bar (Cacao & Orange): 82 Calories, 4.3g fat, 1.3g saturated fat, 10.0g carbs, 6.8g sugars, 1.3g fibre, 2.0g protein, 0.0g salt.

Nutrition per 20g bar (Coconut & Cashew): 91 Calories, 5.8g fat, 2.2g saturated fat, 9.1g carbs, 5.5g sugars, 1.0g fibre, 2.2g protein, 0.0g salt.

Ingredients: (Cacao & Orange): Cashews, dates, currants, cacao powder (6%), cacao nibs (5%), cacao butter (3%). Natural orange flavouring.

Ingredients: (Coconut & Cashew): Cashews, coconut (16%), sultanas, almonds, sunflower seeds.

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