Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ryvita Beetroot Crackers Review

Ryvita Beetroot quinoa crackersWhile browsing for oatcakes last week, my attention was diverted by the enormous range of crackers and crispbreads from Ryvita. It’s been a while since I purchased anything by Ryvita and the range has grown massively.

One pack that particularly caught my eye was this box of Ryvita Beetroot crackers which appear to be one of the newest arrivals to the Rivita brand. A quick calorie check revealed that one cracker has 25 calories.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Squirrel Sisters Raw Energy Snack Bars Review

Squirrel Sisters coconut and cashew nut raw energy barI’ve been weaning myself of sweet snacks as much as possible to reduce the amount of sugar in my diet. But I still keep the odd sweet snack in my desk drawer as a little treat, usually a Nakd bar.

But Nakd have many rivals, one of which are these  raw energy snack bars made by Squirrel Sisters. I’ve been reading about them for a while but it’s only recently I’ve actually been able to find them in a branch of Holland & Barrett.

There are four varieties: Cacao Orange, Cacao Brownie, Coconut Cashew and Raspberry Ripple. I purchased one Cacao Orange and one Coconut Cashew.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Chocologic No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate Review

Chocologic no added sugar dark chocolateI was interested to see this No Added Sugar chocolate bar called Chocologic. It's available in three varieties: Milk chocolate, Belgian Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut.

All bars are 80g in size. The milk chocolate and hazelnut chocolate bars have 60% less sugar’, compared to other similar chocolate bars in the UK market, while the dark chocolate contains '90% less sugar'.

I picked up a bar of the milk chocolate to try it out.


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