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Most Popular Snacks in Our Fridges

According to a survey carried out by Appliances Direct, home owners in the UK open the door and look in the fridge up to 14 times every day! They also check the contents of their cupboards around 9 times a day.

I know this is something I'm guilty of doing, especially when I'm working from home. I go into the kitchen frequently to make cups of tea and coffee, which inevitably means opening the fridge door.

The snacks I choose tend to be something like fruit, yogurt or nuts. But only one of these makes the top 5 popular snacks in the UK.

Why do we spend so much time gazing into our fridges?

It’s probably a mixture of habit or boredom, with a small amount of hunger thrown in for good measure.

However, opening the fridge door more often than necessary, or worse, standing there with it wide open, while gazing inside deciding what to eat, is not only bad for dieting (it leads to mindless eating), it’s not good for the food inside your fridge.

Each time the fridge door is opened up, the inside heats up, potentially placing food at risk of spoiling, especially if your fridge isn’t working optimally.

But, onto the topic of this post. What are the most popular snacks that British fridge raiders end up taking from their fridges?

The chart below summarises the 5 most popular food items taken from our fridges:

Top 5 Fridge Snacks, UK
Interestingly, it’s savoury snacks which are most popular. And it’s great to see fruit and vegetables up there in the top 5 as well.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at AppliancesDirect.co.uk comments:

“The data revealed some interesting findings about the nation’s snacking practices, especially the number of times people look in the fridge and cupboards just out of habit.

“Everyone has that one family member or friend who looks in the fridge or cupboard for a snack whenever they visit, and we’re all guilty of doing it at other people’s homes, but it’s not that often we actually take something out and eat it.
“That said, it’s interesting to see that when we do snack, it seems to be the savoury options that are the nations firm fridge raiding favourites.”

What snacks do you most often eat from the fridge?

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  1. LOOKS surprising... But to be fair I'd say the majority of snacks as a whole would be chocolate, crisps and sweets. Like, NOT in the fridge.

    1. Yes I agree. But I think we don't get to find out the results of the cupboard checking because it's not an appliance.



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