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Itsu Zero Noodle Low Calorie Salads

Itsu, the Japanese eat in and takeaway restaurant, is a great choice for healthy and low calorie food choices.

But now Itsu have introduced Zero noodles to their range of salads, giving even more low calorie choices for those watching their weight. There are three salads, all under 200 calories for the entire dish.

I wrote about zero noodles back in 2012 and I think they’re a fantastic idea for helping with weight loss. However, they’re not like for like when it comes to taste and texture. You really need to prepare for the fact that they aren’t noodles, they just look like them.

The three salads are:

Greens & Beans ‘zero noodles' – 176 calories

Nutrition: 9g fat, 1.4g sat fat, 8.6g carbs, 4.8g sugar 7g fibre, 12.4g protein, 1.51g salt.

Ingredients: miso marinated silken tofu, zero noodles, tenderstem broccoli, muki beans, red ginger, 'no lettuce' salad, pumpkin seeds.
Soy Sauce. Gluten Free, Vegan (omit the soy sauce for gluten free).

Itsu Zero Noodles Greens & Beans
Itsu Zero Noodles Greens & Beans

Satay Chicken ‘zero noodles’191 calories
Nutrition: 6.6g fat, 1g sat fat, 6.9g carbs, 4.4g sugar 6.3g fibre, 22.9g protein, 1.13g salt.

Ingredients: pulled chicken breast, zero noodles, peanut sauce, tenderstem broccoli, greens & ginger mix, 'no lettuce' salad, chilli flakes. Peanut Satay Sauce.
Allergen info: Contains gluten, peanuts, mustard, soya, celery, sesame.

Itsu Zero Noodles Satay Chicken
Itsu Zero Noodles Satay Chicken

Miso Salmon ‘zero noodles’198 calories

Nutrition: 12.2g fat, 2g sat fat, 7.1g carbs, 4.1g sugar 4.5g fibre, 13.5g protein, 0.6g salt.

Ingredients: poached salmon fillet, spicy sauce, zero noodles, green beans, 'no lettuce' salad, furikake. Herb dressing.
Allergen info: Contains gluten, fish, mustard, soya, sesame.

Itsu Zero Noodles Miso Salmon
Itsu Zero Noodles Miso Salmon
These salads do a good job of flavouring the zero noodles with the sauces that come with them. They’re a great source of fibre, with a good balance of vegetables to protein. They’re low carbohydrate for those watching their carbs and the Chicken dish is especially high in protein.

The majority of Itsu’s low carb salads aren’t particularly high in calories anyway, but the zero noodles save around 150-200 calories per meal. Unfortunately, just because they’re lower in calories, doesn’t mean they’re lower in price. The zero noodle salads are all similarly priced to the regular salads ranging from £4.99-£7.19 (prices varies according to whether you eat in or out).

Of course, you can always visit Itsu just before closing when all the chilled meals are half price!

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