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M&S Pet Food For Cats Review

M&S cat food selection boxI’m making a slight deviation away from my usual food reviews. This time I decided to review a pet food but it’s not me doing the tasting!!!

My two finicky cats persuaded me that this cat food from Marks and Spencer should definitely be on my shopping list next week.

I was shopping in M&S last week clutching one of their £5 off when you spend £20 vouchers in the grocery section. As my fridge was already full to bursting, I decided to stock up on cupboard ingredients and other household essentials.

On my list was cat food. I ventured around to the pet food area, expecting to pick up some Whiskas or similar, and saw that M&S sell their own brand of pet food. My cats are quite picky and seem to change their preferences for food from one week to the next.

M&S cat food selection box
M&S cat food selection box
They’ve tried them all. My cats don’t seem to care what the meat/fish content percent is. I buy expensive 70-85% meat content and they’ll still go off it eventually. Most of the mainstream pet foods contain only 4% meat or fish and it’s difficult finding any that have more than this. However, my cats are quite happy eating 4% meat, but they do like to change brands now and again.

M&S cat food selection box
M&S cat food selection box

Checking on the M&S cat food ingredients, I was pleased to see that the meat and fish content is quite a bit more than the standard 4%.

There are three varieties in the box:

  • 4 x chicken dinner in gravy
  • 4 x Turkey with vegetables in jelly
  • 4 x salmon with trout in jelly

M&S cat food turkey in jelly
M&S Turkey with vegetables in jelly
Generally my cats prefer the jelly over the gravy selections, but with M&S, they loved them all equally. So much so that they’ve been getting through an entire pack each at one sitting. Normally they only ever manage half a pack at one meal, then they’re back pestering me for more each time I go into the kitchen to make a coffee or tea.

M&S cat food eaten by Tommy

We do feed our cats ‘real’ meat and fish, usually when we eat it ourselves and I always prepare a separate portion for them. However, it doesn’t seem to fill them up in the way that manufactured cat food does, so the real stuff is an added extra, not their main diet.

Here are the nutrition details for each variety:

Chicken Dinner in Gravy
Ingredients: Meat and Animal derivatives: (chicken 40%), minerals, various sugars, oils and fats. Derivatives of vegetable origin.

Turkey with vegetables in Jelly
Ingredients: Meat and Animal derivatives: (Turkey 14%), vegetables (4%), minerals, various sugars, oils and fats, derivatives of vegetable origin.

Salmon with Trout in Jelly
Ingredients: Meat and Animal derivatives:. Fish and fish derivatives (Salmon 14%, trout 4%), minerals, various sugars, oils and fat, derivatives of vegetable origin.

Nutritional additives per kg:
Vitamin A 2250iu, vitamin D3 450iu, vitamin E 40mg, calcium iodate anhydrous 0.8mg, zinc sulphate monohydrate 38.9mg, sodium selenite 0.07mg, taurine 500mg, technological additive: cassia gum 3g.

Each box contains 12 x 100g pouches and sell for £4.50 in Marks and Spencer food halls.

Made in the Republic of Ireland.

The two tasters...



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