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SOLGAR – Your Body is Designed to Move

According to new research commissioned by vitamin experts Solgar UK, Brits will spend more than 18 YEARS of their adult lifetime sitting down! Broken down into more meaningful figures, this is an average of 7.5 hours every day in a chair.

If you want to increase your weight loss, combing diet with exercise will help speed up the whole process. But even if you’re not dieting, it’s still just as important to try getting at least some sort of exercise everyday.

It doesn’t matter what age you are, we all need to move. As the latest campaign by supplement company SOLGAR say ‘Your Body is Designed to Move’.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a presentation by SOLGAR, highlighting just how inactive we are in this country.

Solgar’s head of Nutrition and Education Paul Chamberlain said:
“Experts have long been flagging the increasing rates of inactivity in our countries, with movement being stripped out of our modern lifestyles. 
“With our lives often revolving around long commutes and long hours in the office, as a society we’re in real danger of spending too long taking the weight off, and not long enough exercising. 
“Our study found that people only exercise for a fraction of the amount of time they spend sitting down, which can lead to joint and muscle problems. People forget that we were not built to sit still all the time .. but designed to move."
One of the major negatives of spending so much time sitting down and not exercising, is we start losing muscle mass which means we burn fewer calories.

It’s also bad for our joints and flexibility. From a personal point of view, I spend many hours sitting at a laptop, but do try and make a point of getting up at least every hour to walk around (usually to get a coffee)!

The position we end up sitting in, usually hunched up, shoulders slouching, leads to all sorts of neck and back problems. Nearly everyone I know, even my kids, suffer from occasional back problems. In the case of my children, it’s usually a result of having to lug around enormous back packs containing a weeks worth of heavy school books.

Author and TV Doctor Dr Ellie Cannon said:
 “I’ve noticed that stiffness, neck pain and general inflexibility are real issues so making sure you’re standing up, going for a walk around the office rather than being still all the time will help. The new Solgar 7 ‘your body is designed to move (#designedtomove)’ campaign is about encouraging Brits to be more active and offering extra daily joint support to help keep people moving.”
Here are some interesting points to note:

Over an Average Adult Lifetime

This was a fascinating presentation and while I found it quite shocking at how much time we spend sitting down, it didn’t really surprise me. When you’re stuck in an office all day, there’s not much you can do about it, especially if you’re working to deadlines. It won’t really impress the boss if you’re constantly getting up and down to get your exercise (well mine never were)!

The next best thing to do is take your lunch break away from your desk and get outside and walk. I know many people who do go outside in their breaks, but only to head to the nearest sandwich/coffee shop and spend more time sitting down to eat. Of course you need to eat, but ideally you shoud try and walk around first, then spend a short amount of time sitting to eat before going back to work.

Solgar 7 joint support
SOLGAR 7 Joint Support
Solgar have a range of supplements designed to protect and support joints. This includes their famous Solgar 7 – one of the most highly rated joint support supplements. This was frequently advised for patients by Nutritional Therapists during my studies because of it's fantastic results. They also have a lovely Full Spectrum Curcumin which is widely known for its potent anti inflammatory properties and an advanced bone support supplement for help with strengthening bones.

Solgar ultimate bone support
SOLGAR Ultimate Bone Support

Solgar full spectrum curcumin
SOLGAR Full Spectrum Curcumin

For more information on the Solgar ‘Your Body is Designed to Move’ campaign, see SOLGAR for more details of this campaign and for the supplements dedicated to supporting joint and bone health.

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