Friday, 24 February 2017

Onken Porridge2Go Review

While working at a Regus office last week, I noticed a buffet table being set up in the reception area. Once it was ready, everyone working there was invited to help themselves.

Wonderful! However, this wasn’t your regular kind of buffet table. This was a promotional event for the new Onken Porridge2Go pots and the entire table was filled with little individual pots of porridge.

Porridge lover that I am, how could I resist? I helped myself to 2 pots (one for a lucky family member) and another for me. I ignored the sachets of honey, as this porridge is already sweetened.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

6 Healthy Tips for Pancake Day on Shrove Tuesday

I love pancakes but they're something I rarely eat these days. Back in the day when I used to indulge in pancakes, my favourite way of eating them was to drown them in maple syrup and top with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh so delicious, but so calorific.

However, there are healthier ways of eating the good old pancake, and in fact, when cooked the French (crepe) way, they're really thin so have fewer calories.

If you're looking for alternative ways of enjoying your pancakes without worrying about piling on the pounds on Pancake Day, have a read of the following ideas and recommendations.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Kellogg’s Ancient Legends Porridge Review

Here’s a new instant porridge mix from Kellogg’s which I discovered quite by accident in a local branch of Poundland. It's called Ancient Legends and contains a mix of spelt, barley, oats, chia seeds and dates. Of these, it’s spelt that’s the ancient grain.

Alternative grains are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to regular wheat these days, but some can be an acquired taste. So mixing them up into regular porridge oats is a great way of gradually introducing other grains to our taste buds.

The box contains 8 individual sachets (30g) with each portion containing 118 calories (if made up with water).


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