Wednesday, 28 December 2016

December - the Most Unhealthy Month of the Year

According to latest research by Holland & Barrett, it’s a blessing that Christmas happens just once a year, especially for our bodies.

If the food, alcohol and sedentary lifestyles we adopt in December were applied all year round, we’d be more than seven stone heavier and spend more than two months nursing a hangover.

If every month was like December:
  • We’d gain 7 stone 6lb in a year;
  • We’d spend 84 days hungover;
  • We’d drink 572 units of alcohol (190 pints of lager) more than we should each year!
A study of eating, drinking and exercise habits during the month of December found that on average, a person consumes 25 units of alcohol per week. Spread over 12 months that equates to drinking 572 units more than the recommended amount. And those who are most prone to hangovers would spend 84 days suffering from the after effects of the night before.

People also admitted to consuming on average 1,000 additional calories than their recommended daily allowance in December. Consuming this many extra calories each day would result in gaining 7 stone 6lbs in weight over a 12 month period.

 The type of food consumed also has an impact. In December we consume 27 mince pies on average, almost one a day! Eating this many mince pies for the other 11 months of the year would add up to 9.72kgs of sugar.

With people clearly focussed on eating and drinking in December, it comes as no surprise that commitment to exercise is low that month. Just 18 per cent of people took part in three work out sessions per week, as per Government recommendations. That’s down from 35 per cent of people who exercise three times a week the rest of the year.

A spokesperson from Holland & Barrett said:

“Clearly our bodies, health and no doubt wallets really need the rest of the year to balance out the festive excess of December. It’s no wonder that so many people choose to detox in January.”

Roll on Easter!


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