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Inspiral Organic Kale Chips Review

Inspiral sweet chilli and mint Kale ChipsGood old potato crisps may still be one of the country’s favourite snacks. But these days they have plenty of competition from other vegetables. Like kale for example. Kale is one of the latest healthy food trends and with good reason. Kale is rich in antioxidants, calcium and vitamin A. But to be honest, it’s not all that tasty in its pure unadulterated form.

One of the tastiest ways of preparing kale is turning it into crisp form. While there are many brands offering their own version of kale crisps (see review pret), my favourites so far are made by Inspiral. They make a range of different flavour varieties and they come in different sized packs. Great news is they are all low in calories.

Inspiral Kale Chips are totally organic, gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The larger packs are called Kale Chips and these come in 60g and 30g packs. The smaller 12g packs are called Kale-Os.
Inspiral sweet chilli and mint Kale Chips
Inspiral Kale-O Sweet Chilli & Mint Crisps

Kale-Os Varieties include:

Sweet Chilli & Mint Kale Crisps – 54 calories
Tomato & Basil Pizza Kale – 56 calories
Celtic Sea Salt & Lime – 46 calories.

Kale Chips varieties include:

Baobab & Onion – 141 calories (30g)
Incan BBQ – 161 calories (30g)
Purple Corn – 150 calories (30g)
Wasabi Wheatgrass – 143 calories (30g)
Crispy Beetroot & Acerola – 149 calories (30g)
Raw Cacao & Cinnamon – 130 calories (30g).

I’ve munched my way through most of these flavours and my absolute favourite has to the Raw Cacao & Cinnamon. It’s quite amazing how a plain vegetable can be turned into such an ‘interesting’ snack.

Inspiral Beetroot & Acerola Kale Chips
Inspiral Beetroot & Acerola Kale Chips
They’re somewhat weird to look at. My kids turn their noses up and make offensive noises when I show them these snacks. But when I do persuade them to give them a go, they are pleasantly surprised.

Inspiral cacao & cinnamon Kale Chips
Inspiral Cacao & Cinnamon Kale Chips
While natural kale is a very healthy vegetable AND air drying helps preserve nutrients, it has to be said that these snacks are actually high in sugar, salt and fat! However, the pack sizes are small, the calories are low and the ingredients certainly are real. By this I mean they are the sort of ingredients you can easily buy in a supermarket rather than some complex sounding chemical name.

Inspiral sweet chilli and mint Kale Chips
Kale-O Sweet Chilli & Mint
They’re sold in various health food shops such as Planet Organic and you can buy them in multi packs or singles online from the Inspiral shop.

Ingredients: Sweet Chilli & Mint: Curly Kale (72%), extra virgin olive oil, deactivated nutritional yeast, coconut palm sugar, lime juice, fresh mint (3%), Himalayan crystal salt, onions, garlic, fennel powder, parsley powder, cayenne chilli (0.04%), organic (98.9%).

Nutrition Information: Sweet Chilli & Mint (12g): 54 calories, 3.4g fat, 0.5g saturates, 5.3g carbohydrates, 2.2g sugars, 2.2g fibre, 1.7g protein, 0.4g salt, 20mg Vitamin C.

To see other products made by Inspiral, here’s their website link: Inspiral  

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