Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Koko Dairy Free Flavoured Coconut Milk Review

Koko Dairy free coconut milk is my favourite out of the many coconut milk drink brands out there. I like it because it has a mild, fresh coconut taste and is low in calories. Koko also make a dairy free Coconut Strawberry flavoured drink and dairy free Coconut Chocolate flavoured milk.

I was recently sent some samples of each flavour as well as the original Koko Dairy Free milk (see review) and a newer Koko Dairy Free Light – low fat version (another review). The coconut milks are available in packs of three 250ml cartons (not the light version) or large 1 litre long life cartons. Here’s what I thought.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Sukrin Gold Stevia Brown Sugar Review

Sukrin Gold stevia brown sugarFor those who are unwilling or unable to give up the sweetness of sugar, there are plenty of alternative options available. Of course there are countless artificial sweeteners providing an ultra sweet taste for zero calories. However, their safety poses questionable doubts for many.

These days Stevia is the basis for lots of new sweeteners on the market, including Sukrin. Sukrin Gold is an alternative to soft brown sugar, the type that you use in baking and sprinkling on porridge. Sukrin looks like, smells and tastes pretty much the same as regular soft brown sugar but has only 8 calories per 100g (less than half a calorie per teaspoon).

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Waitrose Love Life Low Calorie Dips Review

I first discovered these dips while returning from a trip to the Isle of Wight. We’d stopped at a motorway service area where we were looking for something light to eat. The family headed off to KFC (groan) while I happily browsed the mini Waitrose.
Waitrose love life dips low calorie

These mini supermarkets are fantastic for those of us who don’t want to refuel on supersized muffins and burgers. I found a nice salad bowl (no dressing) and tried to find something to go with it, such as houmous. Instead, I spotted these calorie controlled Waitrose Love Life dips. There are 3 to choose from: Beetroot Dip (34 calories), Red Pepper Dip (36 calories) or Tzatziki Dip (35 calories).

Monday, 4 January 2016

Weight Watchers Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Review

It's a mystery to me, but for some reason chocolate hazelnut spread is becoming more and more popular. For a while now, Nutella has stood alone catering for the chocolate spread lovers. But no more. Now there's competition from other brands, with one of the latest coming from Weight Watchers.

According to Weight Watchers, their hazelnut chocolate spread contains 66% less fat than its counterparts. It also has fewer calories. But what does it taste like?


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