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Liberte Greek Style Fat Free yogurt review

Liberte greek style yogurtGreek yogurt is famous for its thick and creamy texture which is why so many people love it. While you can buy authentic Greek yogurt in the UK, such as Fage Total (available in full fat or 0% fat), many other brands produce their own version.

However, unless the yogurt is made in Greece, it can't be called Greek Yogurt. This is why there are so many ‘Greek Style’ yogurts on the supermarkets shelves.

Many produce a good likeness such as Liberte who have their own brand of Greek Style fat free yogurt. It's naturally protein rich and free of preservatives. It's also low in calories with just 58 calories per 100ml.

Liberte’s Greek Style comes in a large 500g tub, enough for five portions. It doesn't say how long it lasts after opening, but it must of course be kept in the fridge.

Liberte greek style yogurt

This yogurt is seriously thick, by which I mean you can heap it on your spoon and hold it upside down without it falling off – see photo!

Liberte greek style yogurt

Liberte’s strained Greek Style yogurt reminds me of fromage frais with a mild flavour. This means you can easily incorporate it into a sweet or savoury dish. It’s an excellent base for making creamy low fat dips, such as tzatziki for example.

Liberte greek style yogurt

It sweeps the board with green traffic lights, so is a healthy choice for those watching their saturated fat, salt and sugar intake.

Liberte greek style yogurt

Some nutritional information isn’t shown. For example, it would also be helpful to know how much calcium it contains per 100ml, but this isn’t mentioned. Also, the label includes ‘lactic cultures’ as an ingredient, but doesn’t say which ones.

I purchased this pot from Ocado as it was on sale at 2 for £3.

Other varieties of Greek style yogurt in the Liberte 0% fat free range include: Pear, Honey, Mango, Blueberry and Strawberry.

Nutrition information per 100ml: 58 calories, 0.1g fat, l ess than 0.1g saturates, 3.6g carbohydrates, 3.6g sugars, 9.6g protein, less than 0.1g fibre, 0.1g salt.

Ingredients: Skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder, lactic cultures.

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