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Top 10 Drinks Gadgets - Great Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a great time for buying gadgets, especially when you're stuck for ideas. I love gadgets and my house is full of them. If you like gadgets, here is a list of the top 10 gadgets for drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). 

I particularly like the look of number 4 which is ideal for those who don't like drinking plain water.

Top 10 Drink Gadgets
1. Whiskey Wedge £15 (Urban Outfitters)
Enjoy your whiskey on the rocks, but never watered down thanks to this inventive glass that moulds an ice cube onto one side of the drink.

2. Corkcicle Air £9.99 (Cuckooland)
There is no need for drippy ice-buckets, simply freeze your corcicle, slot in the top of your wine bottle and let it chill your wine from within with the world’s first in-bottle wine chilling cork.

3. Vinnebago £19.99 (IWoot)
The vacuum sealed flask features three walls of proprietary insulation meaning it can keep your cold drinks chilled for up to 25 hours. It can also maintain hot drinks for up to 12 hours!
4. Citrus Zinger Sport £16.99 (Firebox)
Fed up with boring water, then this is water bottle for you. Featuring a built-in juicer; it spells the end of boring water and gives your hydration ritual a well-overdue kick up the backside.
5. Mojito Master £14.99 (House of Fraser)
Bring Cuba to your kitchen with this cocktail tool, Use the mint cutter to break up your bunch of mint, mix it with sugar in a tall glass and use the muddler to combine the sugar and mint. Cut limes with the built in knife and squeeze the juice of half a lime into the glass with the sugar and mint. Relax in the knowledge that you only have to wash up one tool rather than 5!
6. Unwined £20.00 (Amara)

This innovative wine tool includes a built in aerator, bottle stopper and foil cutter which all fit within the main unit, resulting in a stylish piece for the dinner table. In a chic black colour, the main corkscrew body easily twists in one direction to open your favourite bottle. A fabulous gift idea for the wine enthusiast

7. Vinturi Mini Red £19.95 (Lakeland)
Allowing red wine to breathe brings out the bouquet and improves flavour, and these aerators save you having to wait – just hold one over the glass and pour your tipple through for the full taste and aroma in an instant

8. Chillsner £14.99 (Selfridges)
The World’s first in-bottle beer cooler. The aluminium rod filled with a thermal gel that keeps the drink cold, making this the perfect accessory for parties
9. Vodka Zinger £19.99 (The Hut)

For those hosts looking to spice up their next party. Use all-natural ingredients to create fresh-tasting, healthy cocktails with no added sugars or artificial ingredients. Mix up your guests beverages by infusing vodka with citrus fruits, strawberry, cucumber, hot pepper, raspberry, pineapple, rosemary… or Zing-up your own unique drink.

10. Arctican £20.00 (John Lewis)
It has a chilled gel core and a can koozie which helps keep alcoholic beverages and soft drinks cold for a long period of time. The base of the unit unscrews and is meant to be kept in the freezer. When you are ready to use the Arctican, remove the cooling core from the freezer and twist it onto the holder. The frozen addition will help keep 12-ounce drinks cold for up to 3 hours.


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