Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Tate & Lyle Sugar with Stevia – It's Back

This is just a quick post to update you on Tate & Lyle’s disappearing Light at Heart Stevia blends.

It was three years ago that I reviewed Light at Heart in this post. This was about the time that Stevia as an ingredient started becoming prominent in the UK as a natural alternative to sugar.

For those that wanted to cut their sugar intake but still wanted the taste of sugar, Tate & Lyle produced two types of sugar – in brown – demerara style and white. They were available in handy cardboard cartons.

I used to buy the brown for my husband who likes demerara sugar in his coffee, and the white for other things e.g. (for visitors). But I haven’t been able to find the brown version for an age, and the white version has become so rare I’ve almost forgotten what it looks like.
Brown sugar with stevia - tate & lyle
Tate & Lyle Brown Sugar with Stevia

Maybe this is a good thing because I’ve been replacing all sugar in the house with Truvia. The kids haven't noticed a thing, which is great. But it’s so expensive. Luckily we don’t use much sugar in our household – really they just like to sprinkle a spoon onto their cereal in the morning.

Back to the title of my post. A few weeks ago, as I was trawling around the sugar aisle in Waitrose, ever on the lookout for ‘Light at Heart’, I spotted this new sugar from Tate & Lyle. To me, it looks like the old Light at Heart brown sugar, but now it’s in a 500g clear plastic bag and called Brown Sugar with Stevia. It’s twice as sweet so you use half as much. It’s also now Fairtrade.

Calories per 3.2g teaspoon = 12.64. BUT you only need half a teaspoon to get the same sweetness. So, let’s say that's about 6 calories per half teaspoon for a teaspoon worth of sweetness!

It's a shame that this sugar is now packaged in a plastic bag as the previous cardboard carton with snap close lid was really easy to store.

Since I wrote this post, the white sugar with stevia has also appeared back in store. And like the brown version, it's no longer in the cardboard carton, but is now in a plastic bag.

The white and brown stevia sugars are available at Ocado and Waitrose in 500g bags and cost £1.50 - £1.70 respectively, in Waitrose; more expensive at Ocado.

Ingredients: sugar, sweetener: Steviol Glycosides, natural flavouring

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