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Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk Review

Koko dairy free coconut milk is a cholesterol free, lactose free and soya free alternative to cows milk.

After having tried several brands of coconut milk, Koko Dairy Free is my favourite. It has a subtle coconut flavour and closely mimics the texture of regular milk. Some other coconut milk drinks have an almost oily texture which my taste buds don't take to. The other great thing about this milk alternative, is it is low in calories – just 27 calories per 100ml.

Although I’m not lactose intolerant, I prefer tea and coffee with soya milk, namely Alpro Soya Light. However, I've discovered that mixing a small amount of Koko coconut dairy free alternative to milk with porridge, produces a really creamy result. I've no idea why, but I haven't found this with other milk alternatives.

Koko dairy free coconut milk
Koko dairy free coconut milk
I also use it when making hot chocolate drinks. I make a paste with my favourite Options powder or just cacao powder, then top up with hot water for a delicious, creamy hot choc drink. More recently in this hot weather we've been having, coconut milk works a dream with homemade ice lollies.

If you have a NutriBullet (or blender), just throw in some banana, strawberries etc., add some ground flaxseeds and Koko dairy free coconut milk, pour into ice lolly makers then freeze for a healthy, cooling treat for everyone.

Koko dairy free coconut milkHere’s what they say on the carton:

‘Koko Dairy Free Original is delicious cold or hot with breakfast cereals, tea or coffee, sweet or savoury cooking, on its own as refreshing cold drink – 250ml provides 37.5% of the RDA of calcium. Made with freshly pressed coconut milk from our farm.

Located on the Equator in East Sumatra, Indonesia, we have been farming coconuts in our groves since 1986. Fresh, ripe coconuts are packed within hours of picking on a daily basis, so we can guarantee our products are of the very highest quality.’

Because it's been fortified with calcium, Vitamin B12 and D, it's a good choice for vegans and vegetarians who are sometimes a bit low in these nutrients.

Koko dairy free alternative is available widely in supermarkets either in 1 litre size or packs of 3 x 250ml cartons (long life). Once opened, it should be refrigerated and used within 5 days.

Ingredients: Filtered water, coconut milk (8.4%), grape juice concentrate, calcium phosphate, emulsifier: sucrose ester, sea salt, colour: natural carotene, Vitamin D2, Vitamin B12.

Nutrition information per 100ml: 27 calories, 0.2g protein, 1.9g carbs, 1.6g sugars, 2g fat, 1.9g saturates, 0.1g fibre, 0.1g salt. Calcium 120mg, D2 0.75mcg, B12 0.38mcg.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free - suitable for Coeliac and nut allergy sufferers. Contains MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids) including Lauric

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