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Organic Gluten free Sprouted Oats - Planet Organic

Planet Organic Sprouted OatsPorridge oats have always been known as a healthy food, and in these health conscious times, they've been promoted to the status of ‘superfood’. The great thing is they're cheap too. Plus they can be used in a multitude of recipes, not just for making breakfast porridge.

But, just when you thought oats couldn't get any healthier, apparently they can. Yes, the humble, healthy oat, can now offer even more health giving properties.

How so? Easy. You sprout them!

Well, you don’t have to sprout them yourself. You can now buy ready sprouted oats which you use in exactly the same way as regular oats. They look just like normal oats. No sprouty bits sticking out or anything. But do they taste the same?

I purchased a 600g, resealable bag of gluten free sprouted naked oats from Planet Organic. These oats have been carefully dried below 46C and hand-rolled to preserve nutrients.

Planet Organic Sprouted Oats
Planet Organic Sprouted Oats
My initial intention was to have these oats as a porridge. I love my porridge and am quite particular about the oats I use. However, I was keen to try out these oats, especially since I‘ve been learning about the health benefits of sprouting.

There are no instructions on the pack as to how to make porridge, so I just made it in my usual way. I wasn't too keen on the smell of them inside the bag. It's hard to describe. A bit sort of musty perhaps. Never mind, I was sure they'd be fine once cooked.

However, it wasn't to be. I simply didn’t like the taste. That, and the fact that there were quite a few inedible husks left behind which I had to spit out! I made it a couple more times, using different types of milk – soya, almond, coconut, but it just wasn't to my taste.

But all was not wasted. I simply used them in my recipes instead. Once made into flapjacks, smoothies etc, you can't tell the difference.

Would I buy them again?

At nearly £5.00 a bag, I probably won't. So for now, I'll stick with my regular oats.

Here's a bit of information about sprouting from the packet:

‘We know that nuts, grains, beans and seeds are some of the most nutrient dense foods on the Planet, but in their dormant form they can be difficult to digest. Which is why we sprout them, turning sleepy seeds into activated super foods, bursting with vitality and easily digested nutrients.’

So basically, things like legumes, seeds, grains etc can be hard to digest and may cause problems for those with more sensitive stomachs. Sprouting activates the seeds to help release the nutrients. By dehydrating the oats slowly on a low heat, the nutrients are preserved (cooking anything in high heat depletes nutrients).
Planet Organic Sprouted Oats
Planet Organic Sprouted Oats
Oats as we know them have already been studied and proven to help reduce risks of developing certain diseases such as diabetes type II and help to lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. So if you're happy with your regular oats, I'd stick with them.

Although Planet Organic stores are currently only in London, they do ship their products around the country. Other brands of sprouted oats are appearing on the supermarket shelves, for example Rude Health have recently introduced their own Sprouted Porridge Oats.

Ingredients: 100% Sprouted Naked Oats.

Nutrition Information per 100g: 329 calories, 8.1g protein, 6.4g fat, 1g saturates, 60g carbohydrate, 0g sugars, 14g fibre, less than 0.1g salt.

If you're interested in sprouted grains, here is the link to some other sprouted products from Planet Organic.

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