Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Options Low Calorie Hot Chocolate new flavours

I really should have written this post many months ago. But study, work and family have taken all my time, plus I wasn't sure whether these new Options varieties were going to hang around long enough for me to write about.

But it seems at least one of these two new flavours has graduated from single sachets to a large plastic container. If you haven’t seen them already, the new Options flavours I'm taking about are ‘Sweet Popcorn’ and ‘Butterscotch’. Both have 39 calories per sachet.

Like the others in the range, Options hot chocolates are a low calorie drinking chocolate which come in a variety of flavours. You can see some of the other varieties in this post.

The two latest flavours are both described as ‘limited edition’, but I've been finding them in Morrisons and ASDA quite recently.
Options Belgian Choc Butterscotch
Options Belgian Choc Butterscotch
There are also a few more new flavours which I haven’t yet had a chance to try out, mainly because my local Tesco Metro steadfastly refuses to bring in new varieties. You really need a large Tesco to find them. They’re called ‘Choca Latte’, ‘Salted Caramel’ and ‘Strawberry hot chocolate’ also with 39 calories.

Options Belgian Choc salted caramelOptions Belgian Choc sweet popcorn

Although I like both of these flavours, they aren't strong enough for me, possibly because the main flavour to come through is still the chocolate. If I didn't know what flavour I was drinking, I probably wouldn't be able to tell. White Chocolate is still my ultimate fave, with the orange a close second.

Available in 11g sachets or 220g bottle (Butterscotch).

Nutrition Information per packet/serving sweet popcorn: 39 calories, 0.9g fat, 0.6g saturates, 1.4g protein, 5.4g carbohydrate, 4.0g sugars, 1.3g protein, 0.3g salt

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