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Graze Snack Box Review – Carrot Cake with tea

I was happy to find another one of Graze’s Afternoon ‘Guilt Free’ High Tea cakes in my Graze snack box. This week it was a Carrot Cake with afternoon tea infusion.

Carrot cake is one of the first cakes I ever made. I couldn’t believe that a cake could be made from vegetables, let alone that it could taste so delicious. But vegetables or not, like most cakes they are high in calories.

This is where the Graze snacks are so welcome. They provide just enough to allow you to enjoy a slice of decadence without worrying about the calories or going back for another slice.

Graze super carrot cake
Graze Carrot Cake and Afternoon Tea Infusion

This version of carrot cake is very soft and moist. There’s no icing on top like some carrot cakes have. Instead there’s a generous sprinkling of crunchy sunflower seeds. You can see shredded carrot in there and as well as plenty of dried fruit.

Graze super carrot cake and tea bag
Graze Carrot Cake and Afternoon Tea Infusion
I really liked the taste of the cake itself. However, I’m not a fan of sultanas, raisins or currants (I always pick them out of cereal etc). So biting into the juicy raisins kind of spoiled it for me.

The tea was another infusion of Assam, Kenyan and Earl Grey which made a pleasant change from my regular PG Tips.
Graze carrot cake and tea bag
Graze Carrot Cake and Afternoon Tea Infusion
Other afternoon tea reviews are the Lemon Poppy Cake with 81 calories (reviewed here).

I’ve given this a rating of LIKE.

Calories per punnet: 82


Carrot cake: soft light brown sugar, grated carrot (22%), plain wheat flour, rapeseed oil, free range egg, apple fibre, sunflower seeds, sultanas, currants, raisins, salt, bicarbonate of soda, mixed peel (orange and lemon), cinnamon.

Contains eggs, gluten and wheat.

Afternoon tea infusion: Assam, Kenyan and Earl Grey tea leaves (contains caffeine)

About the Graze packaging:

All Graze boxes and the nutrition booklets are made from sustainable sources and they’re both biodegradable and recyclable. The punnets are made from 80% recycled content and can be recycled along with other plastics.

If you’re keen to try out a Graze snack box for yourself, you can order one completely free using this code: CAROLI8RB. All you need to do is log onto Graze, enter your details, choose your type of Graze box and enter the special code (CAROLI8RB) for your free box. PLUS, you'll get your firstfifth and tenth boxes free!

You’re not committed to an ongoing delivery. In fact, if you don’t want any more, you can stop further deliveries as soon as you like. But from my experiences, I’m sure you’ll be as wowed by Graze as thousands of others like me.

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