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Hi Lo Bread – High protein, Low Carb Bread Review

If you've already discovered the lower carbohydrate, high protein bread called LivLife Seriously Seeded (see review), you may be interested in this new arrival called Hi-Lo.

Hi-Lo bread has 65% less carbohydrate than white bread, is high in protein, higher in fibre than wholemeal bread and has 86 calories per slice.

Just like LivLife, Hi-Lo is made with a combination of wheat flour and soya four. It's also crammed with seeds. It’s ideal for including in a low carbohydrate diet and provides another way for vegetarians to get more protein into their diet.

Hi Lo Bread low carb high protein seeded wholemeal
Hi-Lo bread - high in protein, lower carbs
Slices are thick and about two thirds the overall size of a regular large slice of bread.

If you like sunflower seeds or seedy bread, then you’ll probably enjoy Hi-Lo. Each slice is packed with seeds (sunflower, linseed and poppy). Even the crusts are studded with loads of sunflower seeds, most of which stay in place.

Hi Lo Bread low carb high protein seeded wholemeal
Hi-Lo Bread sold in Sainsbury's
This bread is chewy, soft and crunchy at the same time. It’s brilliant when toasted, but those seeds make the slices very hot when they come out of the toaster. The slices make excellent sandwiches and because the bread is so crammed with seeds, each bite takes quite a bit of chewing. It’s also filling.

Hi Lo Bread low carb high protein seeded wholemeal
Hi Lo Bread - soft and chewy
If you’re following a low GL/GI (glycemic load/glycemic index) diet, the seeds and lower available carbohydrates in each slice, should mean this is far lower in GL’s than regular bread.

Hi Lo Bread low carb high protein seeded wholemeal
Hi Lo bread toasted - toasts quickly (hence burnt bits!)
Packs contain 12 slices (not including the crusts at each end) and it’s sold in Sainsbury’s stores for £1.70 (at the time of writing). You can find out where it’s sold at the Hi-Lo website.

Made by The Bread Roll Co. Ltd.

Nutrition Information per slice: 86 calories, 8.1g protein, 5.0g carbs, 1.1g sugars, 2.8g fat, 0.4g saturates, 3.4g fibre, 0.31g salt.

Dietary Information: Suitable for Vegetarians; Contains Barley; Contains Wheat; May Contain Eggs; May Contain Milk; Contains Soya\Soybeans; Free From Artificial Preservatives.

Ingredients: Water, Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Seed Mix (16%) (Sunflower Seeds, Linseed, Poppy Seed), Wheat Protein, Soya Flour, Soya Protein, Yeast, Wheat Bran, Apple Fibre, Fermented Wheat Flour, Spirit Vinegar, Malted Barley Flour, Malted Barley Extract, Salt.

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