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Propercorn Popcorn Sour Cream, Sweet & Salty Review

Proper Corn popcorn packetsA trip to the cinema wouldn't be complete without the obligatory popcorn to snack on. But once you know the average box of cinema popcorn contains over 500 calories, it can lose it's appeal, especially if you're watching your weight.

Of course, if you really can't do without popcorn while engrossed in a great film, you can always bring your own (though you may have to sneak it in, in some cinemas!)

So what popcorn can you buy that's not bursting with calories and sugar? Well, this week I’ve been trying out a brand called Propercorn which have less than 100 calories.

I hadn’t heard of Propercorn before, but their packs caught my attention one day with the 'UNDER 100 CALS' label printed on the front of their packs. Of course I had to take a closer look.

There are four varieties available: Lightly Sea Salted, Sweet & Salty, Sour Cream & Chive and Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun Dried Tomato.

Feeling a bit scared off by the Fiery Worcester Sauce, I picked up a bag of Sweet & Salty and Sour Cream & Chive. This was a new flavour to me, which so far I’ve only associated with cream cheese or crisps.
Proper Corn Sweet & Salty

On the back of each pack is a narrative about how the company started out. It’s signed by a lady called Cassandra and we’re told how her father was a hopeless cook, but would make the most wonderful popcorn. Together they would experiment with different toppings to create their perfect popcorn.

Propercorn popcorn is hand-popped which I imagine means it’s not cooked by an inanimate machine. The Sour Cream & Chive flavour is blended with crème fraiche and roasted onions while the sweet & salty has a sprinkling of soft brown sugar and a pinch of sea salt.

Proper Corn Sour Cream & Chive

I opened up the Sour Cream pack first and took in a whiff of lovely savoury onions. There are loads in a the pack (see photo) and the popcorn is generously coated with specks of green chives. I found the taste sensation mixed with popcorn a little strange at first. But after the first few munches, I was wondering, why hasn’t this been done before? Simply delicious.

As for the sweet & salty, these are a perfect combination of crunchy sweet coated popcorn with softer salty, pale pieces. Together, it all gets mixed up to produce a gorgeous taste sensation that is hard to put down.

Proper Corn Sweet & Salty
Proper Corn Sweet & Salty

Their snack sized bags are 20g or 30g and the large sharing packs are either 70g or 80g. The Sour Cream & Chive 20g bag has 89 calories per pack, the lightly sea salted has 87 calories, the Sweet & Salty 30g bag has 96 calories, and the Fiery Worcester 20g bag flavour has 96 calories.

They’re a fantastic source of fibre and very filling. You get far more to snack on in a 20g pack compared with, say, a packet of crisps.

While the calories and taste are fantastic for snackers, they all have medium fat and saturated fat levels and high salt levels. The Sea Salt is low in sugar while the Sweet & Salty is high in sugar. The Sea Salt is high in salt, while the Fiery Worcester Sauce is high in fat and low in sugar. So take your pick.

Found on Ocado online.

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  1. Interesting that they are marketing this as a 'health food.' It isn't. Google 'the glycemic index of popcorn ' and you'll see what I mean. Check the GI and carb content of corn and how it converts straight to fat on the body. These people are pulling the wool. Sure, enjoy popcorn once in a while as a treat but don't kid yourself that you're doing your body any favours.

  2. Agreed, relatively speaking this is probably better than a lot of popcorn that you can get out there. Sadly though it is fried in what seems to be highly refined rapeseed oil, and it is 64% carb and is around 28% sugare (or the one I looked at which is salty and sweet). 28% sugar, I cant see how that's in the slightest bit healthy!



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