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Chia Seeds Chia Shots Review - The Chia Co

Chia Seed Chia Shots black and whiteI’ve been reading so much about the wonders of Chia Seeds that I thought it about time I try them myself. However, when I first found them in Holland & Barrett, the price completely put me off. At the princely sum of £11.99 for a 315g bag, this was more than I was prepared to pay for something I had never tried and might even hate.

Happily, a few weeks later, I spotted these Chia Shots at the checkout, also in Holland & Barrett. They were being sold individually, so I had a chance to sample them before splashing out on a whole bag. They are also sold in boxes of 10 (5 packs of black seeds and 5 packs of white seeds).

What’s so great about Chia Seeds? Well, they are a nutrient dense functional food. They’re described on the box as Nature’s Complete Superfood. Nutritional benefits of chia include: omega 3 and 6, fibre, a complete protein (they contain all essential amino acids), multiple vitamins, minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphate, potassium) and antioxidants.
Chia Seed Chia Shots black and white
They’re low in salt and low in sugar, but like most seeds and nuts, high in fats. However, of the 31.4g of fat (per 100g), 19.3g is omega 3 and 7.1g is omega 6. Saturated fat accounts for 3.1g.

Chia Shots are produced in sunny Western Australia by The Chia Co, an Aussie company who grow their own chia seeds. The packs contain white and black chia seeds but they have no nutritional difference and I can’t detect any taste difference.

Chia seeds can be included in your diet in a multitude of ways. For example, sprinkled onto cereal, yogurts, desserts, or added to drinks such as smoothies. They can also be used as a thickener for soups and sauces.

I started off by sprinkling them on top of my yogurt and raspberries. As they were just sitting on top of the yogurt, they provided a crunchy texture, but didn’t taste of anything much.

However, if you add them to liquid and leave them for a bit, their texture completely changes into a thick and gloopy, gel like substance. It reminds me of tapioca pudding or caviar (not the taste, just the look and feel). They still retain a slight crunchiness though. Actually I’ve never eaten caviar!

Chia Seed Chia Shots black and white
Chia Shots Black and White Seed Sachets

I’ve since been reading around different uses for chia seeds, and recently made a simple dessert by adding one sachet of chia seeds to some unsweetened almond milk together with half a teaspoon of cinnamon and some vanilla extract. After leaving in the fridge for a few hours, it sets to a wobbly like consistency. It is quite bizarre to eat. I find it very chewy so it takes me a while eating each spoonful. It’s filling too.

Chia Seeds vanilla cinnamon dessert
Chia Seeds Cinnamon & Vanilla Dessert
It’s also great for calorie counters as each 8g sachet contains just under 40 calories. The Chia Shots are so handy because you can carry them around with you and sprinkle them on your lunch or whatever you’re eating when you’re away from home.

Chia Seed Chia Shots black and white
Chia Seeds black and white (teaspoons)
If you’re using chia seeds as a thickener or to make a set dessert, the recommended ratio is 6:1. One part chia to 6 parts liquid. Adults shouldn’t have more than a tablespoon per day (4 teaspoons), roughly half an ounce or 16g and children no more than one teaspoon.

While it’s no doubt more financially economical to buy chia seeds in larger bags, the Chia Shots provide the convenience factor while perhaps tempting those who are unsure about trying them, to give them a shot!

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