Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Nairns Mini Oatcakes Review

Since I've been following a low GL way of eating, I've been buying more oatcakes because of their low GL (glycemic load). This means they don't cause much of a rise in blood sugar levels. One of my favourite brands are Nairns who have a great range of oatcakes. This includes their Oaty Bakes and Oat Biscuits which I've reviewed already. Nairns Mini Oatcakes are also great for calorie counters as each one has just 19 calories.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Graze Box Snack Review – Boston Baguettes

Graze Snack Box Boston BaguettesBoston Baguettes is one of Graze’s gorgeous selection of snacks with dips. Out of the seven I’ve already been sent, there isn’t one I have enjoyed so far.

Boston Baguettes consists of a small punnet of tomato breadsticks with a separate section of bbq relish. For me, this is the perfect snack. Miniature sized, crunchy baguettes with a delicious dip all for just 85 calories.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

M&S 5 Grain & 3 Seed Porridge Review

Porridge is growing in popularity at a huge rate. This should be fantastic news because it’s such a healthy food. It’s filling, nutritious, helps lower cholesterol and importantly for winter – it’s warming.

Possibly one of the best reasons for eating porridge is its naturally low sugar levels – less than a quarter teaspoon per 100g of uncooked oats! But not all porridges are equal. Many of the flavoured varieties on sale these days contain excessive amounts of sugar which only serves to decrease their healthiness.

If you are looking for a bit more from your porridge, you could try some of those which have healthier ingredients in them – like The Food Doctor nuts & seeds. That is my favourite porridge right now – BUT I’ve found another which is very similar. It’s from Marks & Spencer called 5 Grain & 3 Seed Porridge. It’s super healthy, tasty, incredibly filling and VERY low in sugar.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Lizi’s Granola Low GL Tasty Cereals Review

Granola is a popular breakfast cereal in the US which is catching on fast over here. Well known brands are producing their own versions of this oat-based cereal, but they come at a high price – calories and sugar!

Lizi's Granola cereal range is a bit different. They're not only lower in sugar than many other granolas, they've been scientifically tested so they can be called a low GL product. And even better, they're totally delicious.


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