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Vive Soy Milk Varieties and Review

Vive Soy Drinks Light and Unsweetened CartonsThis review is for a new brand (in the UK at least) of soya milk. While I'm more than happy with the Alpro Soya Light I drink on a daily basis, I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of these soy drinks called Vive Soy.

I spotted them while doing an Ocado online shop as they were on a special offer and I hadn't seen these before. They were also noticeable as they had a wide variety of flavours and a ‘light’ version.

Vive Soy announce on the front of the carton - Tastes Surprisingly Good. I wonder why surprisingly? Perhaps people don’t expect much from their soy milks! It also says it is a source of calcium, and vitamins A and D and is 100% vegetable.

Varieties include:

Vive Soy Vanilla, Vive Soy ChocolateVive Soy CappuccinoVive Soy Natural, Vive Soy Unsweetened and Vive Soy Light.

I purchased the Vive Soy Light and Vive Soy Unsweetened. I was tempted by the vanilla but decided to see how the plain flavours fared.

The cartons are all 1 litre in size and are long life, but once they’re opened they  have to be used within three days.

Vive Soy Drinks Light and Unsweetened Cartons
Vive Soy Drinks - Light and Unsweetened
Vive Soy Cappuccino Drink Carton
Vive Soy
Cappuccino Drink
I first tried the Vive Soy Unsweetened as a drink on its own and then in tea and coffee. When trying a new soya milk I ever know what to expect as no two seem to taste the same. I wasn’t expecting to like this much as it was unsweetened (but I’m trying to cut down on sugar!).

However, it was really quite palatable. It has a strong ‘soy’ taste – not sure if that’s a proper term to describe it though. What I did find was that it’s actually quite creamy. I enjoyed it in tea but not in coffee.

Out of the two, I preferred the sweeter taste of the Vive Soy Light and, although it has more sugar than the unsweetened, the sugar content is still low. It tasted great in my tea and was nice in coffee. I could even say 'it tasted surprisingly good!'

An important point for me with soy milks is whether they froth well when making a cappuccino coffee. And both these Vive Soy drinks frothed up really well to produce a rich foam when heated.

Calories, sugar and fat for the different brands per 100ml are:

Chocolate: 59 calories, 5.9g sugar, 1.6g fat
Cappuccino:  59 calories, 5.9g sugar, 1.6g fat
Vanilla: 48 calories, 3.7g sugar, 1.6g fat
Natural: 45 calories, 2.6g sugar, 1.7g fat
Unsweetened: 37 calories, 0.8g sugar, 1.7g fat
Light: 31 calories, 1.8g sugar, 1.2g fat.

So they’re all low in sugar apart from the chocolate and cappuccino, plus they’re low in salt and fat.

Looking at the cartons, it seems Vive Soy is a Spanish brand produced by Grupo Leche Pascual S.A.

Some info from the carton:

‘Alternative to dairy milk; Free from lactose; Made with certified non-GM soya beans; Wheat-free; Produced in a nut-free environment.'

I purchased Vive Soy from Ocado online, but it’s also available in 600 Tesco stores nationwide (at the time of writing) with other stores to follow.

Nutrition Information per 100ml Unsweetened: 37 calories, 3.1g protein, 1.7g fat, 0.26g saturates, 2.1g carbs, 0.8g sugars, 0.6g fibre, 0.18g salt.

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