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Graze Snack Review - Salt and Vinegar Nuts

Graze Salt & Vinegar nut selection snackWhen thinking of the salt & vinegar combination, you might imagine a bag of crisps or maybe fish & chips. But Graze have taken this popular seasoning mix and applied it to one of their latest snacks - nuts.

This snack is called ‘Oven roasted Salt and Vinegar Nut Selection’ and consists of a mixture of whole almonds and peanuts.

Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection gets a graze ‘fibre’ symbol, with 3g per punnet. Since this is a nut snack, the calories are a bit higher than many other Graze mixes, with 205 calories per punnet.

Graze Salt & Vinegar nut selection snack
Oven Roasted Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection
So what are they like? As soon as you peel back the lid, there’s the unmistakable smell of vinegar – just like opening a bag of crisps. The nuts are lovely and crunchy and, although it took a few bites to get used to, the salt and vinegar goes really well with the nuts.

Graze Salt & Vinegar nut selection snack
Oven Roasted Salt & Vinegar Nut Selection
Nutritionally, it does have a high salt content, as might be expected. It’s also high in fat and saturates. But it is high in protein, so helpful for veggies and vegans. Also, as the punnet is portion controlled, you’re only getting 2g of saturated fat.

Extra nutrients in the snack are copper and manganese.

Overall, I gave this snack a rating of LIKE on the Graze website so I’ll get them from time to time.

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Don’t worry, you’re not signing up for any long term contract. If you don’t want any more, simply cancel. And if you want to keep receiving Graze boxes, you can choose as many of as few deliveries as you want.

Happy grazing!

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  1. I love Graze as they have such a wide variety. Its not the cheapest but best for busy people who cannot be bothered to weigh out exact quantities of dried fruits and nuts.

    I get a box every other week and literally graze!!!



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