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25 Top Excuses For Giving Up the Diet

Go to work on an egg, the famous slogan from the 1950’s, was once advertised as the best way to start the working day.

We may have changed our breakfast habits over the ensuing years, but our attitudes towards dieting seem remarkably familiar.

'I was bored', 'It was my birthday' and 'Life’s too short' are among some of the usual excuses trotted out by fed up slimmers.

These results were found after a recent survey of 2,000 women, commissioned by British Lion eggs, came up with a list of the top 25 excuses for giving up on a diet or healthy eating plan.

Anyone who has ever followed a diet plan, will no doubt recognise at least one of these excuses.

Top 25 excuses for giving up a diet

1. I had a bad day
2. It was my birthday
3. I couldn’t resist
4. I needed cheering up
5. It's hard to eat healthily when it's cold and wet
6. I've been good and I deserve it
7. I haven’t got any willpower
8. Life is too short
9. I was eating out and couldn’t resist
10. I was bored
11. Someone bought me sweets/chocolate as a present and I couldn't waste them
12. I enjoy eating unhealthy food or the odd treat
13. I'm thinking about food all the time
14. It was my partner's birthday
15. I always felt hungry
16. I needed a sugar rush/energy
17. I've got a hangover and I need unhealthy food
18. Healthy food is too expensive
19. I find it too difficult to keep going
20. There wasn't anything healthy in the cupboard
21. Other people were eating cake
22. It's rude to turn food down when someone has made it for me
23. It’s that time of the month so chocolate is allowed
24. It was my child's birthday
25. It’s too difficult and time-consuming to make healthy food.

Some of the statistics revealed that 84 percent of women gave up on a diet earlier than they intended, despite starting out with good intentions.

The most popular reason for giving up - 'I’ve had a bad day', was cited by some 41 percent of respondents. And nearly 66 percent admitted that they’ll make up any excuse to give up the diet, even it’s not true.

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Whether or not the purpose of this study was to encourage more people to eat eggs, it has to be said that that 'Going to work on an egg' is a good idea even if you're not on a diet.

Eggs are a complete protein (good for vegetarians and vegans) which helps keep you full. They're also a valuable source of vitamin A, most B vitamins as well as zinc and phosphorous. They're not expensive, are low in saturated fat and have an average of only 98 calories each.

As an afterthought, if you're tempted to give up the diet, remember why you started it in the first place. Rewarding yourself with unhealthy food really isn't a reward at all!

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