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Morrisons - Healthy Eating Labels Guide

Morrisons Logo

Morrisons own brand healthy label, NuMe is easily recognisable by its large square design placed prominently on the front of its products.

Food within the NuMe range includes ready meals, snacks, sweet treats, dairy produce and meat products such as sausages.

Morrisons NuMe Logo

The NuMe range was developed for Morrisons in late 2012 by a team of professional chefs and nutritional gurus to help customers quickly spot healthier options. NuMe isn’t restricted to just ‘diet’ foods, but incorporates food across all ranges.

Morrisons NuME Fat Free Greek Yogurt pot
NuMe Fat Free Greek Style Yogurt
With the more calorific food, for example, sweet cereal bars, NuMe products are portion controlled so you won’t be consuming excessive amounts of calories in tasty treats.

Morrisons NuMe Chicken in Peppercorn Sauce Low Fat Ready Meal
NuMe LowFat Chicken in Peppercorn Sauce - Ready Meal Morrisons
Elsewhere, NuMe products have capped levels of fat, salt and sugar as well as having extra fibre, boosted vegetable content or omega 3. All products are aimed towards helping customers choose a healthier diet when it comes to purchasing their grocery shopping, while not compromising on taste or affordability.
Morrisons NuMe Crispy Red Berry Cereal Bars
NuMe Crispy Red Berry Cereal Bars - Morrisons
There are currently over 300 products within the NuMe range which will no doubt continue to grow.


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