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Popping Candy Lollies – NEW Sainsbury’s

Popping candy ice cream lollies Sainsbury'sEvery Spring, supermarkets start filling the freezer cabinets with their new selections of ice creams and lollies. As always, I keep an eye out for those which are around the 100 calorie mark or less.

And here's one from Sainsbury's called 'Popping Candy Lollies' which just scrape in under my limit with 98 calories each.

Boxes contain 4 x 39g (60ml) lollies each wrapped in a clear plastic type wrapper. Their description is:

"Vanilla flavoured ice cream coated with an orange flavoured fondant and popping candy."

The main reason I buy ice creams and lollies is for my children who enjoy these as an after dinner treat. However, despite their protests, I always insist on having a little nibble to see what I'm missing out on.

Popping candy ice cream lollies Sainsbury's
Popping Candy Lollies
The outside is orange flavoured fondant and it's this coating which has the popping candy. It doesn't start popping right away, but usually kicks in after about 10 seconds of biting into it. The ice cream is smooth, soft and creamy with a sweet vanilla flavour.

Popping candy seems to be a growing trend as it's appearing in all sorts of snacks. My kids really enjoyed eating these lollies, especially the popping part. But they did have one complaint – the stick's too short! There's very little room to actually hold the ice lolly, but maybe it was just pushed in too far with this batch.

Popping candy lolly Sainsbury's

Popping candy lollies are suitable for vegetarians and flavourings and colourings are from natural sources.

Each lolly has just under 3 teaspoons of sugar which puts it well into the red traffic light zone of high, but salt levels are low.

Available in Sainsbury's stores and online.

Nutrition information per 39g (60ml) lolly: 98 calories, 0.6g protein, 13.0g carbs, 11.0g sugar, 4.8g fat, 3.4g saturates, trace salt.

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