Sunday, 14 April 2013

Nestle Fab Minis - 50 calories

It’s great that so many food products are now downsizing rather than supersizing. Whether this is in response to the obesity epidemic or not I really don’t know.

One area that’s seen many food items mini-sizing themselves recently are ice creams and lollies. Fab ice lollies by Nestle are already reasonably low in calories, with the Strawberry flavour having 90 calories and the Apple & Blackcurrant flavour with 82 calories. But now you can treat yourself to an even lower calorie Fab with new Fab Minis.
Fab Minis come in a box of 12 x 32ml mixed lollies. You get 6 of each flavour: Strawberry (47 calories) and Apple & Blackcurrant (50 calories).

They are described as:

Strawberry and vanilla flavour ice lolly with a chocolate flavour coating and sugar strands. 

Apple, blackcurrant and vanilla flavour ice lolly with a chocolate flavour coating and sugar strands.’

Fabs contain real fruit and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians.

Available in larger supermarkets.

Nutrition information per mini lolly (Strawberry): 47 calories, 0.2g protein, 7.8g carbohydrate, 7.6g sugars, 1.7g fat, 0.8g saturates, 0.1g fibre, 0.05g salt.


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  1. I'm loving all the new releases of mini ice creams! I've bought a few of them too, the Fabs and Nobbly Bobblys, and so far they've been extremely popular with the kids, they still love them even at half the size. Also I don't feel so bad if I eat one every now and again! :)



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