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Maltesers Teasers Chocolate Bar Review - NEW

There can't be many who aren't familiar with Maltesers (the chocolates). These unique spherical chocolate balls filled with a malty honeycomb centre are a staple on chocolate counters everywhere.

They're always easy to spot with their distinctive red and white wrappers too. But recently Maltesers have been appearing in new and different formats. Last year there was the arrival of the MaltEaster Chocolate Bunny and the MaltEaster Mini Bunny. Now there’s a new addition to the range – Malteser Teasers.

The Maltesers Teaser bar is described as:

Crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate.

Well, they’re not exactly floating, more like set in the chocolate. There are 10 Malteser 'bubbles' embedded in a milk chocolate and honeycomb base. These can be broken off separately, or in twos.

The 35g bar has 186 calories, giving each piece 18.6 calories. The bar also has 10.4g of fat and is suitable for vegetarians.

Malteasers Teasers Chocolate Bar
The Teasers bar isn’t like the Bunny as it doesn’t have the creamy filling. It’s also not like a Malteser as it doesn’t have a solid honeycomb centre. It’s really a combination of chocolate and honeycomb pieces so each mouthful contains bits of both.

Malteasers Teasers Chocolate Bar (Underneath)
The Teasers bar reminds me of the Nestle Crunch Bar. I like the crunchiness of this bar but find the chocolate slightly overwhelms the malty honeycomb taste. Personally I prefer the MaltEaster bunny with its delicious filling. Also the Malteser in its original form just can’t be beaten. They’re unique and that intense malty centre is what makes them so special as does their shape. Plus they’re only 10 calories each!

Malteasers Teasers Chocolate Bar
Of course marketers have to keep the public's interest in a product and diversifying is often the way to go. Malteasers Teasers is a great idea and it's an attractive looking bar. It's also a lighter snack with calories closely matching a regular sized bag of Maltesers (187 calories).

From a health point of view, well, you know the score - high in sugar and saturates, which is pretty much the same for all chocolates.

The Malteaser Teasers bar should be widely available at chocolate selling vendors within the next few months.

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