Saturday, 20 April 2013

Guide to Supermarket Own Brand Healthy Labels

There seems to be no letting up in the obesity epidemic which is so prevalent in the Western world. But that’s not to say that many of us aren’t at least trying to do something about our expanding waistlines.

According to research by market analysts, Mintel, 63 percent of women have tried to lose weight during the past year. However, rather than heading for specialist diet products, many people are instead opting for a more natural and healthy way to lose weight.

This stems from a growing mistrust of so called ‘diet’ and ‘low calorie’ products which are often overpriced as well as containing artificial sweeteners which many people distrust.

Supermarkets are now catering to those looking for healthier choices and calorie counted options by marketing their food products under different labels.

However, some supermarkets have more than one ‘healthier’ option label which may cause some confusion.

To help you understand what the different labels mean, I’ll be publishing a series of posts outlining what some of the major supermarkets healthier choice labels mean.

First up is Marks & Spencer. Stay tuned...

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