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Shapers Meals and Snacks - Updates 2013

If you’ve got a branch of Boots near your workplace, chances are you’re familiar with Shapers, the Boots own brand of calorie counted, healthier meals and snacks.

All Shapers food is included as part of their 500 calorie meal deal. This means that when you choose your lunch consisting of a main, a snack and a drink, your total calorie count will always be less than 500.

If you choose to buy your lunch from the Boots Shapers range, you never need become bored with the same old sandwich and pack of crisps every day as there’s even more to choose from. The range of Shapers food has been extended further to include a wider range of wraps as well as new desserts, snack bars and savoury crispy snacks.

Here’s a look at some of the meals, snack and drinks in the Shapers range which are part of the Meal Deal.


Creamy Vanilla Yogurt

84 Calories

Fragrant Apricot Yogurt

93 Calories

Juicy Raspberry Jelly (175g pot)

25 Calories

Juicy Strawberry Yogurt

98 Calories

Snack Bars

Crispy Vanilla Fudge Bar 24g

96 Calories

Peanut Nougat Bar 24g
95 Calories


Fresh Carrot & Coriander Soup (300g)

94 Calories

Fresh Tomato & Basil Soup (300g)

92 Calories

Packet Snacks

Sweet & Salty Popcorn (20g bag)
89 Calories

Thai Sweet Chilli Cassava Snack (20g bag)

88 Calories

Prawn Cocktail Shells (20g bag)

100 Calories


Barbecue Chicken Wrap (no mayo) 

294 Calories

Mediterranean Style Tuna Wrap
273 Calories

Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap (no mayo)  
291 Calories

Prawn & Lemon Wrap   
261 Calories

Houmous & Felafel Wrap

299 Calories

Chipotle Chilli Chicken Wrap (No mayo)

300 Calories

Pesto Chicken Wrap

309 Calories


Wiltshire Cure Ham, Broad Beans & Pea Salad 
(no mayo) (Wholesome)

267 Calories

Goats cheese & Red Quinoa Salad
210 Calories

Latino Style Roasted Vegetable & Rice Salad with Salsa 
 (no mayo) (Around the World)
170 Calories


Stimulation Drinks with Caffeine
Berry & Apple or Orange

14 Calories
16 Calories

Other new products include: American Club Sandwich, Wholesome Bangers & Beans Hot Pot and Around the World Indian Style Curry & Rice Pot.

Please note that the list above doesn’t include all the new products in the Shapers range and these are also likely to change from time to time. Also, Boots stores tend to stock different items so you may find varying products from store to store. As the seasons change, it’s possible that some of the winter warmer type meals may disappear, so make the most of them while they’re here!

The Shapers range of meals and snacks are all calorie counted to help keep your weight loss on track. You can purchase any combination of Shapers wrap or sandwich, Shapers snack and a Shapers drink (from £3.29/329 points).

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  1. I simply love each of your post...thanks for sharing..

    1. Thanks so much Irfan. Really appreciate your comments. :)



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