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Pineapple Cottage Cheese Be Good to Yourself

I have a strange addiction to pineapple cottage cheese and get through at least half a pot per day.  However, I don’t see this as a bad thing. After all, cottage cheese is a good source of calcium and is relatively low in fat and calories compared to other cheeses.

Anyway, this has led me to tasting various different brands of pineapple cottage cheese over the years and I have a firm favourite made by M&S. However, it’s so often out of stock I have to get my supplies elsewhere. Here’s my verdict on Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself Pineapple Cottage Cheese.

Sainsbury’s Be Good To Yourself cottage cheese has 14% pineapple pieces which doesn’t sound like much. However, there are a few larger chunks and several smaller bits all mixed in with the cottage cheese to give a light, pineapple flavour. It’s not particularly creamy but that’s to be expected from a lower fat cottage cheese.

The added ingredients include pineapple (14%), sugar, pineapple concentrate, salt, cornflour, acidity regulator: Trisodium citrate; citrus fibre.

When it comes to cottage cheese I prefer a creamier mixture and for me, this is just too thin, despite the added cornflour which I imagine is used as a thickener. Cottage cheese is generally a low fat product anyway, and I haven’t found any of the lower fat varieties which compare well with the M&S version.

Sainsbury's used to make a lovely pineapple cottage cheese which wasn’t part of the be good to yourself range. It had marginally more calories and fat, but in my opinion, had a far better taste and consistency. It was also my favourite standby when I couldn't get my usual Marks & Spencer supply.

Inside the pot - Pineapple Cottage Cheese Sainsbury's BGTY
Unfortunately that’s disappeared from Sainsbury’s range and has been permanently replaced by the lower fat version.

The pot does have a 'Try me!' symbol on the side which reassures you that if you don't LOVE this product, you can return it for a refund. If you like lighter cottage cheeses, then you may find this to your liking.

Available from Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

Nutrition Information per 100g: 82 calories, 8.9g protein, 8.4g carbohydrate, 6.2g sugars, 1.3g fat, 0.8g saturates, 0.5g fibre, 0.46g salt. 6 Weight Watchers ProPoints per pot (300g) as calculated by Sainsbury’s for informational purposes only.


  1. I like cottage cheese but must say I usually only ever get the plain one or onion and chives as I would never know what to have the pineapple cottage cheese with or when to eat it. I just wondered when you eat it/what you have it with?

    1. Yes, I've had the same problem - what to eat it with. I used to eat plain cottage cheese and use it as a topping for open sandwiches. But it doesn't work with the pineapple, so basically, I just eat it on its own! I like it that much.


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