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Morrisons Nu Me Breakfast Biscuits Review

This is Morrisons answer to the breakfast biscuits revolution and one of the tastiest. Morrisons breakfast biscuits are part of their NU ME range and with their eye catching NU ME symbol, you can easily spot them among the profusion of breakfast biscuits on the shelves.

In keeping with others on sale, Morrisons breakfast biscuits are fortified with extra vitamins and minerals and provide a source of fibre.

Varieties include Cereal & Milk and Fruit & Fibre. Each biscuit has 56 calories and 3 ProPoints.

Although the pack doesn't actually say anything about eating these instead of breakfast (aka Belvita) they do say they’re ‘Handy packs of two biscuits to give your brekkie a boost.’

Cereal & Milk
Fruit & Fibre

The fact that they're packed into twos was a big plus point for me. I don’t generally eat breakfast biscuits as a breakfast, instead preferring to snack on the odd one or two during the day. Most of the other brands are packed into fours which kind of implies you should eat them all at once. Therefore, opening up a pack of two makes it easier to stop after two.

Most breakfast biscuits have some kind of wheaty design and Morrisons are following the trend with their imprint of a wheat sheaf on the front.  They have a lovely pale golden colour with a sprinkling of oats on top.
Cereals include: wheat, oats, rye, buckwheat, wheat bran, barley, rice, spelt, and malted wheat fibre.

I purchased the Cereal & Milk variety and so far, these are probably my favourite breakfast biscuit. They have a delicious malty flavour with quite a dense and crunchy texture. They're sweet and very moreish.

The nutrition is similar to most breakfast biscuits around with 56 calories each. They're high in sugar and saturated fat, however eating one biscuit provides just 2.2% of the RDA for sugar and 3% for fat. Added vitamins and minerals are: Vitamin B6, Calcium and Iron.

You can find Morrisons NU ME Breakfast biscuits on the biscuit shelves, fighting for space amongst the rivals.

Nutrition Information per biscuit: 56 calories, 8.2g carbohydrates, 2g sugars, 2.1g fat, 0.6g saturates, 0.5g fibre, 0.1g salt.

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