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Healthy Straight Cut Chips - Sainsbury

Chips have an unhealthy reputation. Fried in oil and dripping with saturated fat, they turn the humble potato into a cholesterol raising time bomb.

Of course, not all chips are as unhealthy as I’ve just described. It all depends on how you cook them. In fact, there are some chips that are healthy enough to include in a weight loss and low fat diet.

Baking and grilling are popular and healthier alternatives for cooking chips. And to save time with peeling and chopping potatoes, there are always the pre-cut frozen variety.

Sainsbury’s Be Good to Yourself have these Straight Cut Chips, which are just as healthy as can be. They even have a green traffic light for sugar, fat, saturated fat and salt.

Sainsbury’s Straight Cut chips are less than 3% fat and are packed in 1kg bags. The recommended serving size is 125g and this provides just 189 calories.

To cook, just spread out onto a baking tray and cook them in the oven for around 25 minutes, turning half way through.

I’ve purchased various bake at home oven chips over the years and found these chips extremely tasty. They don’t have any special seasoning and added flavours. The only ingredients are potatoes, sunflower oil and dextrose (to help browning), so it was something of a surprise they tasted as good as they did.

They're not dry like many baked chips, but have a light coating of oil which gives them a proper chip taste. They're chunky (this is healthiest) and crisp up nicely in the oven. Everyone in my family agreed – we want these again!

Who said chips aren’t healthy?

Available in the freezer departments of Sainsbury’s stores.
5 ProPoints as calculated by Sainsbury’s for informational purposes only.

Ingredients: Potato, Sunflower Oil (2%), Dextrose. 

Nutrition information per 125g serving: 189 calories, 3.7g protein, 34.7g carbohydrate, 1.1g sugars, 3.0g fat, 0.3g saturates, 4.6g fibre, 0.16g salt.

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