Friday, 8 March 2013

Ambrosia Light Rice – 99 calories

Ambrosia Rice pudding is available in all sorts of guises. From the original full creamed variety sold in a can, you can now buy it in different flavours, serving sizes and fat levels.

Recently spotted was this cute 115g pot called Ambrosia Light Rice which has less than 1% fat and 95 calories.

It's sold in a handy torch shaped pot which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Like the others in the range, you can eat it hot or cold and it can be heated up in the microwave.

If you're looking to keep your snack calories to around 100, then this is ideal with just 99 calories per pot.

So far, this appears to be the lowest fat and calorie rice in the Ambrosia range. However, the others including Ambrosia Low Fat Rice Pudding and Ambrosia Creamed Rice pudding are still low fat with just 1.3g and 2.5g of fat per 100g respectively.

Ambrosia Rice pots are widely available in UK supermarkets.

Nutrition information per 115g pot: 95 calories, 3.9g protein, 18.3g carbohydrate, 9.1g sugars, 1.0g fat, 0.6g saturates, 0.1g fibre, 0.14g salt. Suitable for vegetarians.

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