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Weetabix Breakfast Biscuits On the Go - Review

Oh no, not another one.’ This was my first thought as I spotted the new Weetabix Breakfast Biscuits in Tesco.

Despite several brands of breakfast biscuits already jostling for space on the supermarket shelves, it seems there's room for more.

Since Weetabix are a dominant force in the breakfast market, it makes sense they'd want to take their place in this relatively new and popular breakfast trend.

There were three varieties on sale: ‘Apple with a Hint of Cinnamon’, ‘Milk And Cereal’ and ‘Fruit And Fibre’. I opted for the Apple with a Hint of Cinnamon as I haven't noticed this particular flavour combination amongst the competition.

The general packaging design is similar to the Weetabix Oaty Bars with the recognisable Weetabix logo on the front. Like the other breakfast biscuits on sale, Weetabix’s version are also packed into a small box containing five wrapped packs of four biscuits.

What they say on the box:
‘We know that mornings can be busy and not every day can start with a bowl of breakfast cereal. We’ve developed a range of delicious golden baked, crunchy breakfast biscuits to eat on the go as part of a balanced breakfast that will help fuel your busy days.’
Weetabix Breakfast Biscuits on the go contain real Weetabix - wholegrain wheat & cereal and are fortified with 6 vitamins and minerals. These are: Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin, Folic Acid, Calcium and Iron. They’re high in fibre and a source of calcium and each biscuit has 55 calories.

Inside the box
The Apple with a hint of cinnamon are described as ‘Wheat and oat biscuits with apple flavoured fruity pieces ad added vitamins and minerals.

When I purchased these biscuits, I was hoping for something a bit different to all the others. However, the picture on the front led me to believe they were probably going to be quite similar to some other brands.

Inside the box are five wrapped packs of four biscuits, and, yes, there is a difference here as the Weetabix Breakfast biscuits are sitting in their own little plastic tray. This helps reduce the chances of them breaking I guess. Each biscuit has the Weetabix logo stamped on the front.

Since the information said they contained ‘real Weetabix’ I wondered whether I’d be crunching into something like a dry and flaky like a Weetabix. But no, they’re nothing like that. Instead, they're much more like a regular digestive type biscuit with a light and crispy texture.

The apple flavour is quite distinctive but I could barely detect the ‘hint of cinnamon’ and would have preferred a bit more. I imagined they might taste a bit like apple crumble but this wasn’t the case. Overall, they’re a nice tasting biscuit with teeny bits of chewy apple to break up the crunchiness.

Nutrition Information per 4 biscuits: 220 calories, 3.8g protein, 31.6g carbohydrate, 7.8g sugars, 7.8g fat, 2.2g saturates, 4.2g fibre, 0.21g salt.

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