Saturday, 9 February 2013

Waitrose Mini Breadsticks with Olive Oil

Breadsticks are usually a failsafe choice for slimmers looking for a lower calorie snack. Most are low in calories, and because of their shape, you can’t easily pile them high with calorific toppings.

Most stores produce their own brands of breadsticks, many of which you’ll find on this blog. And here’s another from Waitrose – Mini Breadsticks baked with extra virgin olive oil. Each mini breadstick has only 5 calories.

Waitrose mini breadsticks are packed into a 95g cardboard tub with a push on lid to keep them fresh and crunchy. There are loads inside (I haven’t counted them) but I’d guess there are around 80. One serving is equal to 4 breadsticks which is 20 calories.

As far as breadsticks go, these have a light and crunchy bake with a pleasant ‘bready’ flavour and a subtle taste of olive oil. They don’t seem too salty, despite the red traffic light.

Great served with dips such as houmous and served alongside crunchy carrot and cucumber sticks.

Available in branches of Waitrose.

Nutrition Information per 20g serving (4 breadsticks): 20 calories, 0.8g protein, 3.4g carbohydrate, 0.2g sugars, 0.4g fat, trace saturates, 0.2g fibre, trace sodium. Suitable for vegetarians.


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