Monday, 4 February 2013

Nestle Curiously Cinnamon Grab 2 Go Bags - NEW

One of my favourite foods in the world are hot cinnamon and sugar donuts, the kind that you find at a fairground. Needless to say, they’re not something I get to eat that often. However, I’ve just tried something that tastes very similar and has a lot less calories.

Nestle, who introduced their Grab 2 Go bags last year, have brought out a new version – Curiously Cinnamon Grab 2 Go. Each bag has 109 calories.

They're described as:

Fortified toasted squares of whole wheat and rice with sugar and cinnamon.

Curiously Cinnamon has been sold for many years as a full sized box of cereal, but I've never quite got around to trying them out.

However, these mini bags grabbed my attention because they had only 109 calories for a bag. Also, they were on offer for just £1 per pack!

They’re available as part of a multipack of 5 bags. You can choose to eat them as a snack on their own (dry) like a pack of crisps, or empty them into a bowl and add milk.

This way, if you’re counting calories, your portion size is perfectly measured out. If you add 125ml of semi skimmed milk, the calories increase to 170.

Mini Grab 2 Go Bag
I thought this cereal was ideal as a snack. Because there are so many little squares inside each bag, you get more for your calories than, say, a bag of crisps. You can make them last ages if you eat them one by one. Something unlikely to be done if served up with milk.

Curiously Cinnamon - the whole pack (3 tablespoons)

Each little wafer thin crunchy square is liberally coated with a generous amount of cinnamon which is mixed with some sort of powdery sugar. Mmmm, I will be buying these again.

And whatever your opinion of them is, Nestle want to know. If you have a smartphone you can scan the QR code printed on the bag and give your verdict on what you've just eaten. It takes less than a minute to complete.

Also available Cookie Crisp – 96 calories per bag and Cheerios – 95 calories per bag.

Cookie Crisp whole bag - 96 calories

Available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Ocado.

Nutrition Information per 26g bag: 109 calories, 8.4g sugars, 2.4g fat, 1.0g saturates, 0.33g salt, 1.1g fibre. Suitable for vegetarians.

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