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Marks & Spencer Chargrilled Chicken Curry

Marks and Spencer have introduced another food range called 'Fuller Longer'. This range of meals are high in protein with balanced carbohydrates which should help us stay fuller for longer.  And as long as we're full, we should be less inclined to start snacking.
Anyway, there are loads of lovely looking ready meals to enjoy, and since they were on special offer this week, I decided to buy a few to see what they were like. The first to try was the NEW Chargrilled Chicken Curry in a Fragrant Curry Sauce with 340 calories per meal.

Here's what Marks & Spencer say about their new range:
‘We have worked with nutrition scientists to create the Fuller Longer range. Each meal within the range is high in protein and with balanced carbohydrate.’
This dish is a ready meal which can be found in the chilled section of Marks & Spencer, but it can also be frozen. The ingredients include roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes, cauliflower and big chunks of chargrilled chicken all combined in a coconut flavoured curry sauce.

The front of the pack says: ‘Rich in protein and balanced carbs, perfect as part of a calorie controlled diet’.This meal provides around one serving of protein - mainly from the chicken, and one of the five a day.

We need between 2-3 servings of protein a day which is really quite easy for most of us to reach. Looking at the ingredients, this meal has 35.7g of protein, mainly from the chicken which is filling. It’s also low in fat.

This is a good sized meal (380g) which is probably designed for one person as it contains everything in one dish - meat, potato and veggies. However, I split two packs between five people. I ate mine with a few extra veggies while the rest of my family had some rice and a shared naan bread.

Just defrosted, before cooking
This dish already has carbs from the potatoes so you don’t really need extra from the rice and naans – I just added them because my family insist on them with a curry and also I needed to stretch the meal a bit more!

It cooks in the microwave in just 4 minutes and you’re ready to dine. However, it can be cooked in the oven for 20 minutes.

It smells divine. On taking it out of the microwave, the sauce is quite liquid around the edges. However, after giving it a little stir, it blended in well with rest of the curry. I liked the fact there were no fatty globules floating on top (this always puts me off).

After Cooking
It has a mild chilli rating, which was just mildly spicy for the older members of my family. The youngest found it a bit too spicy unfortunately. And, as the sauce is completely absorbed into the potatoes, she ended up eating a couple of pieces of chicken.

As far as the rest of us were concerned, we all enjoyed it like any regular curry. I love coconut and coriander and these flavours were easy to pick out.

This is definitely a meal I’d happily buy again, but only when it’s on special offer!

Found in M&S Foodhalls.

Nutrition Information per 380g meal: 340 calories, 35.7g protein, 30.4g carbohydrate, 14.1g sugars, 6.8g fat, 4.6g saturates, 5.3g fibre, 1.80g salt.

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