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M&S Asian Style Cod with Noodles Count on Us

Asian Style Cod with Noodles is a new meal from the Marks & Spencer Count on us… range. It’s one of the new style of ‘ready meals’ packed with fresh ingredients and designed to be cooked only in the microwave.

Each pack holds 360g and is a complete meal for one. It's low in fat, sugar and saturates with plenty of fibre. Each bowl has 11.2g of fibre, which is close to half the recommended daily minimum intake for women. Even better, the entire meal, including vegetables, noodles and fish has just 215 calories!

I adore Asian cuisine, and with so few calories, I just had to try out this dish. The meal comes a plastic bowl and is packed in layers. The bottom layer consists of a soy and mushroom sauce, then there’s a layer of egg noodles with the fish on top. The fish has some sort of spicy mix sprinkled over it, and the rest of the bowl is generously filled with loads of carrot sticks and pak choi.

Before cooking (with the film cover on)
This is a complete meal for one, however it could easily be split between two people and served as a starter.

Cooking it starts off as you would expect. Stab a few holes in the plastic film and shove it in the microwave. However, after half time (2 minutes), you must take it out again and carefully pull out the insert. This insert is a round piece of cardboard dotted with holes to allow steam to escape while keeping the rest of the meal separated.

After carefully sliding the insert out from under the noodles, you put back the film and pop it back in the microwave.
The insert which covers the sauce
The smell coming out from the microwave is wonderfully fragrant and very authentic. It made my kitchen small like a restaurant.

As for the taste, it’s very mild so don’t expect any searing heat from this meal. The flavours are quite muted, not quite as intense as the smell led me to believe. However, it took me a while to get through and it’s very filling. There’s loads of it and I didn’t feel the need to cook any extra vegetables as I normally do.
After Cooking

The vegetables were lovely and fresh, the fish moist and gently flaking and a the noodles perfectly cooked. As a main meal this is fantastic from a health point of view, (it's only slightly above the limit for low salt) and great for anyone looking for a satisfying, low calorie, filling meal.

You can find this meal in the chilled cabinets section (it can't be frozen) of Marks & Spencer food halls.

Nutrition Information per 360g meal: 215 calories, 22.7g protein, 19.8g carbohydrate, 4.3g sugars, 3.2g fat, 0.7g saturates, 11.2g fibre, 1.63g salt.

The whole meal is also worth 5 Weight Watchers ProPoints as calculated by Marks and Spencer for informational purposes only.


  1. Which section of the shop would I find this in I looked in th eready meals section and also the to-go bit but just could't find it

    1. This a a new meal in the Count on Us range so it may not be available in all stores yet. It sounds like you were in the right area though - chilled ready meals.



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