Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bake at Home Brown Baguettes, Sainsbury's

If you love the taste of freshly baked baguettes, you have to be quick to get them from the bakery while they’re still warm.

If that’s not possible, then, thanks to the wonder of part-baked baguettes, you can enjoy them at their delicious best, hot from the oven in your own kitchen.

Traditionally, French-style baguettes are made with white flour. Since white flour is refined, it loses out on valuable nutrients which are found in wholegrains, plus it has less fibre.

Unfortunately, it's not always easy finding wholegrain type baguettes. However, Sainsbury’s have produced a new part baked brown baguette made with whole wheat flour and wheat bran. Half a baguette has 177 calories.

Before baking
Each pack of two baguettes is sealed into two parts. This way, if you want just one baguette, simply cut down the centre of the packaging to remove one baguette and the other remains fresh until you need it.
After baking
Oven bake for 8-10 minutes from ambient or from frozen for 10-12 minutes. Each baguette is 150g.

Suitable for Vegans. Suitable for freezing. Available in the bakery section in Sainsbury's stores.
Tear it apart and soak up the aroma

Nutrition information per half baguette: 177 calories, 6.2g protein, 34.2g carbohydrate, 2.9g sugars, 1.0g fat, 0.3g saturates, 0.75g salt.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, water, whole wheat flour, yeast, wheat bran, salt, wheat gluten, malted wheat flour, antioxidant: ascorbic acid.


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