Friday, 28 December 2012

Weight Watchers Ham & Mushroom Tagliatelle

Weight Watchers Ham & Mushroom Tagliatelle is an ambient ready meal consisting of tagliatelle pasta, smoked ham and mushrooms in a rich and creamy cheese and Italian white wine sauce.

Each 400g pack contains 332 calories and is worth 9 Weight Watchers ProPoints.

This pack provides a decent amount of protein and should ideally be served up with vegetables to make a more balanced and filling meal. The ham is ‘formed’ and chopped up into small squares, and there are lots of them.

Personally I would have preferred extra mushrooms. But often a side effect of adding more mushrooms means the meal becomes more watery. And as far as this sauce is concerned, it's already a bit on the thin side.

Overall, this meal was OK, a bit bland and nothing that really excited my tastebuds. But I’m not a great pasta fan anyway. However, my younger kids liked it so all wasn’t lost.

Available in larger supermarkets in the chiller cabinets.

Nutrition Information per 400g pack: 332 calories, 21.6g protein, 44.0g carbohydrate, 4.0g sugars, 6.8g fat, 5.6g saturates, 4.0g fibre, 1.5g salt. Not suitable for those following a low potassium diet.


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